Salsa Spot - Appreciation NIght

Appreciation Night "No Cover"
Salsa Lesson from 8:30 - 9:30
Doors open at 8

Andy Y Su Orquesta Callao

"I started my band in July 28, 2003 Andy Orchestra Callao which is made up of 10 members. I got my start when I sang for the Band Kache, I then sang for Kalichin before my band was formed. I grew up surrounded with music as my uncle is a well known salsa guitarist Oswaldo Barreto (mita del Peru).

As a child I sang Peruvian boleros yet as I grew up I fell in love with the rhythm of salsa and I knew one day I will sing it. My first appearance with my band was in San Mateo at the Latin Brothers. My second appearance was in Berkeley at Club Montero's and lately I have played in the Glass Kat and Roccapulco and Cafe Cocomo.

I have been appearing at different night clubs throughout the Bay Area in the past few months.



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