Benefit for Ian Mathes

Benefit for Ian Mathes
The person you're helping is Ian Mathes, and we're going to tell you a little bit about him. he was born in Belleville, Illinois and he grew up with two pretty big interests (out of many) that really stuck with him through life, art and dance. as a kid he would draw G.I. Joe characters off of their package with his dad, and spend weekends with a family friend dancing on cardboard while listening to Michael Jackson, Run DMC, and Grandmaster Flash. He found a love in the art of tattooing at an early age... and became obsessed with one day becoming a tattoo artist himself. He knew exactly who he wanted to be. in the late 90's he found a home, or haven if you will, in the EDM (Electronic Dance Music) scene and quickly met some great dancers who helped inspire and teach him. Within a few years Ian became pretty well known as a dancer who was seen at just about every event on the dance floor. Whether it was popping, isolating, ticking, or doing liquid style dancing or learning how to breakdance, Ian loved it all. He loved it to the core of his being.
After years of practice and sketchbook after sketchbook, constantly drawing everything from urban graffiti styles to realistic portraits, to macabre black and grey and Asian styles of tattoo art. Ian caught his break into the world of tattooing in 2000 at the age of 18. It took two years of calling, driving, and trying to convince people he was talented and dedicated enough to have a chance at an apprenticeship. he was deterred at every moment, desuaded by everyone, he stayed persistent and it paid off. If there is anything that Ian has, it is determination and ambition.
In 2003 he gained a spot in a music video for his dancing, and a spot at the most well respected tattoo studio in his area it seemed that everything was going well. Ian was starting to reap the rewards of his hard work and dedication into his loves... He was starting to succeed. Late one night in October of that year all of that came to an ubrupt end when late one night Ian's car slid off the road in the rain and slid through a field, hitting a sinkhole that flipped his car into a tree. he was cut from the car and air lifted to SLUH hospital in St.Louis where after a 13 hour surgery they were able to bring Ian back and give him another chance at life.
He was paralyzed from the waist down due to an L1/L2 spinal cored injury and had multiple reconstruction surgeries to his face and a punctured lung. without the capability to dance any longer, when he was able Ian went right back to work. He worked 8-10hour days and longer if need be. Ignorant to proper pressure relief and cushioning needs, Ian started developing pressure sores due to long days of working in one position on a sub par cushion he was on.. After attending multiple wound care centers and a slew of mediocre cushions because of horrible manufacturing by certain... reputable companies and lack of good insurance to pay for a constant airflow cushion. Ian's wounds only grew worse.
In 2010 a botched surgery left his wounds even worse, and left him incapable of working full time. with insufficient cushioning and an improperly fitted wheelchair his wounds became so bad that he is now on permanent bedrest until he can heal enough to get a surgery to heal his wounds. In the meantime Ian is in need of multiple cushioning needs to help improve his quality of life and help him to once again move forward.



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