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Advance tickets sold online at and in-person at Grinders, CrossroadsKC, and the Bottleneck.

6 Stages - Crossroads KC at Grinders, The Brick, Czar, Collection,Green Lady Lounge, Midwestern Musical Co.


From the mailroom to "Move," to "One A.M." and beyond, Diverse innovates. A self-described poet, his rhymes are true. Shunning the pseudo-hard stance taken by some emcees in favor of everyday human experience, Diverse consistently ups the ante. Over the course of numerous releases and collaborations, his rhymes have shown that flash and substance don't necessarily have to be adversaries.

"Move" was released on Chocolate Industries in 2001, receiving a strong response from critics and listeners alike. A collaboration with Mos Def on the first installment of "Urban Renewal Program" followed soon thereafter; "Wylin' Out" would go on to dominate college radio airwaves for the better part of the summer. The "Certified/Build" 12" was enough to keep heads happy for a minute, but soon the pressure would be on.

Diverse's debut full-length "One A.M." dropped in the latter part of 2003 to critical acclaim, featuring collaborations with Jean Grae, Prefuse 73 and Madlib among others. The tour appearances and showcases that followed packed venues, seeing fans channel the same charismatic energy that keeps our guy in the studio late at night.

With a grueling tour schedule and verbal delivery that would make UPS envious, Diverse has still found time to collaborate with other artists and work on fresh releases of his own. Be on the lookout for the next full-length, "Round About," in your area sometime next year.


Trading the wheat fields of the Midwest for the five-lane sprawl of LA, a songwriter from Kansas hits the LA concrete with a symphony in his head.

After 600 shows in 60 cities with his childhood friends Billy Driver and Jesse Rich, front man, composer and entrepreneur Gooding is ready for the big show. With a firm footing in the LA film/TV world, Gooding is brandishing over 100 placements, DVD's of Johnny Cash - Walk the Line, Matrix Revisited, Animatrix, Children of Men, Ice Age 2, Nip/Tuck, The Closer, Commercials for Dodge, Jeep and Chrysler, several MTV shows, and most recently Expansion Team NYC's rebranding of PBS, Gooding's 750 song catalog has been featured in LA Times and Marketwatch. Dane Cook chose Gooding's band as one of his favorite up and coming acts on his HBO show Tourgasm.

Gooding's first two musical experiences were a KISS concert at age 4 and listening to Queen's Flash Gordon soundtrack on loop. He has since gone on to release over a dozen solo lp's, penning every tune and playing every instrument, recorded and produced over 100 other acts, and started a successful indie label (S3) and publishing/licensing company (K2). After studying film scoring at KU and UCLA, Gooding's film work has found its way into the bands recordings and live shows; a symphonic, 3D sound referred to as "Widescreen Rock".

A perfect artist for the changing digital landscape, Gooding is the essence of DIY; relentlessly recording, touring and interacting with a growing fanbase both online and on the ground. The latest idea to energizing the fan base is his "50 in 5" tour – performing in all 50 state in 5 months with daily viral videos so fans can ride alongside the band through every state line. From army bases to national parks, bookstores to bowling allies, even a stop to perform with a high school marching band performing Gooding's music for the town, this band has always had a go for broke attitude…

"We have paid our dues with stolen gear, vans broken down and on fire, ramen in the coffee pot of the motel 6, all night drives through blizzards and black ice, shows with broken bones, no sleep, no pay….All the roadware only made us more of a family. No matter how much the music business changes, a band was made to travel and play. That's where our passion is, and that's where some of our best songs come from."

On his upcoming release "The Return", Gooding's razor sharp songwriting and soul-searching lyrics, brilliant musicianship, cutting edge production and hopeful optimism shine through loud and clear. Instantly accessible without sacrificing sophistication or musicality, the new songs hit the AAA airwaves on Jan 11, 2010, and the bands 50 state tour, featuring showcases in LA, NYC and Austin will start soon after.

Gooding's live show is a sight to behold. The fans of this band come to witness what is almost a secular church revival, with sticks and strings left all over the stage, and a final act of Gooding playing two guitars at once. If you live in America, the band is coming to you. And after that? It's only a matter of time before the band takes to the seas and plays a country near you.

One Hundred Flowers

While thinking of the brain as a machine with variable functions, front man Harrison Speck fastened together some toys and guitars over the course of many summer months, using melted circuit boards and repeated vocalizations. In 2008, the project molded into something refreshing and fascinating to watch, as One Hundred Flowers translated the inwardly designed songs of Speck's imagination and blossomed onto Austin's indie rock scene. Their songs often times profound, their show flirtatious - reminiscent of the Elephant Six Collective. One Hundred Flowers is currently recording their debut full length album, Folklore of the Industrial Man, at Austin's Cacophony Recorders. Look for it's release in the spring of 2010.

The Blackbird Revue

The Blackbird Revue blend worn, comfortable Americana and indie-rock with seamless ease to create a sound and feel all thier own, yet hinting at ghosts of The Civil Wars, Ryan Adams, Alison Krauss. Highlighted by husband and wife Jacob & Danielle Prestidge's beautiful harmonies, anchored by precise, empassioned musicianship and showcasing quality songwriting, The Blackbird Revue's live show is at once personal, impacting, and a lot of fun. They've recently shared the stage with such luminaries as Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, Over the Rhine, and Vedera.



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