Everything Went Black - Mosenthein EP Release Show

Everything Went Black

The Lion's Daughter

Jack Buck

"Yes, its name is Jack Buck. Yes, it was named after the late, great sports announcer of the same name. And yes, you can't tell a goddamn thing about what the band sounds like from said moniker. Intriguing in its own self-created mystique, the boys in Jack Buck sure do know how to market themselves in this day and age of ungoogleable names and photoshopped record covers. That's where the Ugly 7" comes into play. Based solely on the level of construction employed to make this barnburner a reality, the Ugly 7" is more of a collector's item than a debut record. Through the power of computer routing and hours of sanding, the hand-assembled 7" features a randomly colored slab of vinyl encased in an embossed carving of the band's name and record title into a gorgeous piece of wood.

Doubling as a piece of art, this expertly produced record features three trudging tracks of metal-inspired post-hardcore. And the shit's heavy. Akin to the chaotic metalcore of Coalesce and the Jesus Lizard's schizophrenic noise rock, Jack Buck finds its footing rooted in the decay of melody and the rise of battle-torn metal. On "Rue Teen," singer Colin Webb warns today's youth about an inevitably bleak future as a result of our societal woes. "Please be doubtful that the future is as gray as the liver of a dream, That never came that never will but, Never say never" Webb screams. Jack Buck 9s by no means here to save us all, but with the heavy hand of rock n roll riffery, it stand to bring hope to an ugly world."
-From the Riverfront Times

White Fire

This band was formed after Nate (ex In Transit) emailed Spencer (of Cathedral Fever) and asked if he wanted to jam. They did and after a couple practices had a few songs done. Derek (also of Cathedral Fever) came in on bass to round out the trio and White Fire became a real boy.

Choir Vandals

New EP "At Night" out October 28th on 6131 Records



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