Buck 65

If you travel along the Number 1 highway (two lanes) in Nova Scotia, you'll pass through a town called Mt. Uniacke. As you enter the town, you'll see a sign that reads, "Home Of Buck 65". Buck 65 is the code name of one Ricardo Terfry. He used to wander the dirt roads of Mt. Uniacke wearing an Adidas one-piece wrestling outfit. He thought it gave him hip hop credibility, but he was wrong.

He started DJing and rapping at the same time, when he was approximately 13 years of age. In 1990, he shared his work with the public for the first time. Since then, he has released more than 20 full-length albums and all kinds of EPs, singles and whatnot. He has also scored a handful of films (including one x-rated feature). He has recorded with Tortoise (post-rock muscular geniuses), Gonzales (the world's greatest living musician), Sage Francis (indie hip hop overlord), Olivia Ruiz (kind of a big deal in France) and god-knows-who-else. Name an important festival or event and there's a good 70% chance he's played it.

The latest addition to Buck 65's awe-inspiring oeuvre is an album called 20 Odd Years. It features guest appearances by Gord Downie, Nick Thorburn, Jenn Grant, Hannah Georgas, Emily Wells, Marie-Pierrie Arthur and more.
20 Odd Years is probably the most beautiful hip hop album ever made.

In 2000, at the age of 12, Farout began the transformation from writing poetry and essays to a style more suitable to and reflective of modern hip hop music. Four years after his introduction, Eric purchased his first microphone and quickly began to record music, reaching out to friends and others for production. In 2006, Eric moved from St. Louis to Columbia, Missouri to attend college and further his music career. In 2010, Farout released his first album with IndyGround, "Universal Logic". With multiple projects in progress, he shows no signs of slowing down.

Seymour Awesome

From a chocolate city to a white gutter, came three white boys from three white mothers.

Looking at modern hip-hop's big picture, we often ask ourselves, "What happened?" A lot of it is straight-up mediocre. Enter Seymour Awesome, a three-piece hip-hop project with a common bond of the Wu-Tang Clan, weed, and skateboarding. The group consists of middle school friends Heatmasta Cool, D-Tron, and Larry Werds who each bring their own unique brand of influences to the mic while still brandishing a cohesive sound.
Growing up in the suburbs with nothing to do, skating and hip-hop were a central part in their daily life, along with a common bond musically. Over the years, many projects with different homies would come and go before Seymour Awesome's birth in early 2011. With their first mixtape Freshly Squeezed just hitting the streets September 5th, along with a video for the single "Sidewalk Pimpin'" coming out shortly after, they've never been more poised to kill the game.
Live shows are a regular thing for Seymour Awesome. They can be found either attending or performing at them all around the St. Louis Metro Area. Considering they just started live performances at the beginning of this year, they've already accumulated quite the crowd following. They've played shows all around the city to hip-hop fans and random venue patrons who couldn't resist the skills and had to peep the scene.
As hip-hop stays on its progressive yet throwback path toward quality beats and rhymes, Seymour Awesome is aligned with that movement. Their plans? Keep rocking shows and putting out great music. Things are only moving upward from here.



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