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Roster McCabe is Night Phoenix

Bringing to the stage a larger than life atmosphere, the Minneapolis-based live electronic dance band, Night Phoenix, boasts soulful vocals, driving guitar, strong dance rhythms, and a huge, ambitious sound. After spending more than three years touring the club and festival circuit under the name Roster McCabe, the four members of Night Phoenix took a new direction to evolve that experience a step further. As the new animal, Night Phoenix, tightens up, crafts captivating songs and continues a progressive musical path. The band embraces electronic programming, utilizing samples, drum pads and synths to achieve distinctive tones and expand the live sonic experience.
“The new direction is more focused on our modern electro-rock theme. Call it 'live EDM,'" explains frontman Alex Steele. Songwriter and guitarist, Michael Daum adds, “Night Phoenix is a spacious musical setting, limitless in direction, but focused and clear. Inspired by dance and rock, we make music energetic, creating the vibe of late night festival experience.“
Night Phoenix is
Alex Steele – vocals / keys / samples Michael Daum – guitar
Scott Muellenberg – bass
Jeff Peterson - drums

The Malah has been making big waves in the live electronic music scene. This innovative trio is hitting the road and captivating ears across the country with their organic electro grooves. From the warm outdoor stages in Florida, to the late night clubs in Colorado, to the sunny festivals of California. The Malah leaves each audience wanting more of their high energy live performance and stimulating light show. By mixing rich, earthy atmospheres with electrifying rhythms, The Malah explore the meeting point of cutting-edge technology and ancient musical theory. Creating a unique sound that is praised in both the "Jam" and "Electronica" communities. The music is constantly evolving and brings together influences from Funk, Hip Hop, Jazz, and World Beat to Dubstep, Trance, and Breakbeat. Using their music as a tool to send a positive message of love and harmony, The Malah has become known for giving their fans an uplifting musical experience. The Malah has played alongside STS9, Disco Biscuits, Lotus, Shpongle, Conspirator, Umphrey's McGee, EOTO, Bluetech, Bonobo, Pnuma Trio, Big Gigantic, Pretty Lights … and many more. With their third full length studio CD on the way and an action packed tour schedule, The Malah continue to push the boundaries of live electronic music performance. See you on the dance floor!

For over 9 years, the Western Illinois based roots rock/jam band "The Dawn" has been spreading their love of cutting edge improvisational rock throughout the Midwest. From their humble beginnings in the shadow of the Mississippi River, they have crafted out their place as one of the premier up and coming jam bands.
The Dawn's live show experience has proven contagious and is tightly gripped in spacious jams, roaring guitar and soulful harmonies. These four accomplished musicians push the envelope at every performance and audiences are rewarded with an experience that can only be described as "The Dawn Effect." Coupled with an equally adventurous light show, The Dawn concerts keep their dedicated and growing fanbase coming back for more.
Staples of the Quad Cities’ jam scene for years, The Dawn’s 2014 release Waiting On The Storm was received with excellent reviews and helped catapult the band to major festival experiences including the inaugural Phases of the Moon.
This momentum has carried into 2015 with more major festival appearances including Camp Euforia and their debut at Summer Camp Music Festival. Combined with high profile local gigs, the Dawn is turning many heads in the jam scene. Establishing a strong presence in several major Midwest markets, The Dawn’s momentum continues to roll forward.
The Dawns next studio release, At First Light, is set for release on both CD and Vinyl this October.

The Dawn is:
Sean Ryan- Guitar,Vocals
Jordan VanOpdorp- Keyboards, Vocals
Dan Olds - Bass, Vocals
Josh Womack- Drums, Vocals
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