Toleman Randall with guest opening act

Toleman Randall

Charlotte, North Carolina’s Toleman Randall was born out of the rich pool of young musicians living in Cotswold in the early 1990’s. They are an indie rock band fronted by guitarist/songwriter Grant Funderburk (Sea of Cortez, Jon Lindsay, Raised by Wolves and The Houstons). Grant Funderburk, original member and current songwriter and guitarist, revived the name in 2012. In its present form, Toleman Randall harnesses the musical talents and experiences of its members to produce their own brand of unique indie rock. Grant’s songs rise to scientific themes like cosmic forces and and return to more earthly themes including love, loss, and relationships. Funderburk expresses these concepts in original songs with influences from Mark Knopfler, JJ Cale, and David Gilmore, to name a few. Grant, Kyle Dussault Carinelli (keyboards), John Licare (bass), and Charlie Heard (drums) have been members in other note worthy Queencity bands such as Sea of Cortez, Raised by Wolves, Abe Reid and The Spikedrivers, The Noises Ten, The Houstons, and The Virginia Reel.

Turnbuckle Jones

If Lou Reed and Bob Dylan had offspring, that then morphed with the ghost of John Lennon, the result of that combination might create music that sounds like Turnbuckle Jones. Folk Influenced songs with driving rhythm. Often compared with Tom Petty, early Bowie, Roger Waters meets up with Wilco. Turnbuckle Jones is lead by singer songwriter Josh Burch who is a native of North Carolina. In addition to being a furniture maker, and luthier, Burch has been involved with music for quite some time. Constantly writing, recording, and playing music, he has released several recordings. Not a Word (2005) Frownin’ Clown (2007). and Turnbuckle Jones (2011) On these "folk-rock/ Americana/ Indie collections" Burch features his ability to play a variety of instruments including guitar, slide guitar, mandolin, harmonica, bass, keyboards, and pedal steel. The albums also showcase Burch’s song writing talents and knack for putting together appealing arrangements.

Throughout the years Burch has fronted the bands Bullfight, Jellomold, Naked Ed and The Mully Foggers. He has also accompanied acts like Reverend Love, Crossroad's Rhythm & Blues Band and 74th Kind. In the late 1990’s Burch operated a small studio known as kaleidoscope records. There he recorded and produced demos and LPs for many local and regional talents.

Burch combines his lifetime appreciation of musical instruments with fine woodworking skills building handcrafted guitars. As with his music, Josh Burch’s one-of-a-kind guitars derive from original ideas. These fundamental works of art possess a genuine combination of sound, look, and feel you will find in no other instrument. Occasionally Burch focuses his energy creating other forms of art mixing wood and paint. These textured artworks are found under the name BJ Brown.

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