Poor Man's Whiskey

Poor Man's Whiskey

The Bay Area's outlaw music bards bring a reputation for high-energy live shows and an incomparable fusion of folk, punk, rock, and disco to stages and festivals world wide. This "High-Octane Hootenanny" will certainly delight those interested in a foot-stompin good time. Poor Man's Whiskey has evolved into a ragged, spontaneous beast pulling from equally deep wells of story-telling originals, expertly crafted covers and zany on-stage shenanigans.

PMW has released 5 studio albums, "Goodbye California", released in 2011, "Dark Side of the Moonshine" (a double disk set featuring original music as well as the bluegrass interpretation of the Pink Floyd classic album) in 2009, "Roadside Attraction"(2005), and "Train to California" (2003), "Hunnerd Proof"(2002).

Grampa's Grass

Grampas Grass is a sonic journey known as Organic Garagedelic Soul Rock. A modern day Led Zeppelin blended with Pink Floyd and Janis singing . Powerful vocals, three part harmonies and scorching lead guitar work set the perfect stage for deftly crafted songs. Touted by many as the best unknown band you’ll ever see at your local dive bar, the Grass gives a choice blend of hook filled originals and an ever growing list of tasty covers.

The Grampas Grass began in 1999 when founding members John Malsberger and Brett Davis met in a guitar class in Orange County. The two quickly formed an acoustic duo complete with blazing mandolin solos. But bluegrass was not the road they were bound to take, for electric rock and roll had too strong a draw. Complete with a strong rhythm section Grampas Grass took on the task of showcasing their songs throughout the southland. In 2003 the band acquired the amazing vocal talents of Miss Lisa Blue. A little bit Janis, a little bit Bonnie Rait and a whole lot of soul, Lisa took the Grass to a new level. With the new vocal prowess of the band, they stepped into the studio and released their first album in 2004: These Are The Days. The album received good reviews from all who heard it, and Grampas Grass toured the west coast to spread the word. Playing locally for the next three years solid the band found some success, yet never enough to make the jump to quitting their day jobs. Then opportunities knocked on the door and long time bassist Tim Kerrigan and drummer Bob Schwechel moved to the east coast for career opportunities. John and Lisa had a few kids and for the next 3 years they played a only few scattered acoustic shows with Brett Davis.

In 2011 the trio was approached by veteran SoCal bassist Jim Beaudet, to possibly reform the band. Of course everyone said yes and with the addition of long time friend and drummer Jim Janis, the Grass began returning to their favorite haunts. Armed with more new songs than the band ever had in previous incarnations the reviews have been great. No longer searching for the golden payday, Grampas Grass plays just enough to keep everyone waiting for the next show. It’s like a family reunion with new friends and old, coming together for a great night of live music.

The Cerny Brothers

The Cerny Brothers have been playing music together since they were just young bucks, coming up together in a rural Illinois town. While the music itself has taken on different forms over the years, it has always had one simple and cellular foundation in which it is firmly based: brotherhood. That's right; there are no gimmicks or posturing to be found here. Their kinship is legitimate. It's one that has stood up against the test of time, carrying them from their adolescent and early adult years in the Midwest, to their long journey west to their current base, Los Angeles. After initially performing as a duo, the brothers were honored to welcome drummer Cody Fontes and upright bassist Gabe Davis to the family. In 2012 the band worked nonstop, playing over sixty shows, embarking on two tours, and returning home to Illinois to record a Daytrotter Session. The band couldn’t be more excited for what lies ahead in 2013, especially the release of their new album. Recorded in the small farming community of Ojai, CA, The Cerny Brothers teamed-up with producer Matt Linesch (Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros hit record "Here") for their second album. On their sophomore effort, The Cerny Brothers embraced a more stripped down and exciting sound that not only reintroduces them as a band, but captures the striking energy that can be found at any Cerny Brothers live show. It's raw, it's driving, and it finds it's home in truths that are unique to each and every listener. The Cerny Brothers play music that inspires a sincere and genuine connection between them and their fans – a connection that is unique, timeless, and simply cannot be ignored.



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