Jubilee (MIXPAK / NYC)


Born in Casa Blanca, Morocco, Jubilee understood the power of music at a young age. He watched as his father played old records and instruments such as the tarbouga, the aoud and the bandir. Arriving to the U.S. in 2001, Jubilee immediately took to the streets of Washington D.C. as a club promoter for Panorama. During this time, his interest in becoming a DJ grew while watching people like DJ Alex Kelly in 2001 hit the tables for six-hour sets. Noticeably inspired, he was soon handed the headphones and hit the ground running with innovative sounds inspired by his own unique and culturally infused sense of rhythm and beats.

For Jubliee, now producing his own tracks, the medium of house music continues to evolve as an art form. He is dedicated to creating both a journey for his listeners as well as using music as a base for his own journey through the intricacies of life. His is known for his unmatchable creativity and his impenetrable work ethic. Yet, more than anything Jubliee is a product of the exclusive and ever growing house music scene in our nation's capital.

Though based in Washington D.C., he travels routinely between cities such as New York, San Francisco , and more With pals Gabriel , Benoit , Navid Jubilee has put together successful events at established venues like D.C.’s WAREHOUSE/THE LOFT along with a regular residencies at NAPOLEON, and U ST MUSIC HALL . He has booked and played with global talents such as Stephan Bodzin, Marc Romboy , Deepak sharma , Seuil, till von sein, Kate Simko, Ryan Crosson, Shaun Reeves, Ewan Pearson, Pantha du Prince, Nicolas Jaar and Nick Curly, just to name a few.

In 2010, Jubilee launched his production career with the critically acclaimed release “Dopamine” for New York City based Hidden Recordings. Label owner Deepak Sharma recently stated: “Jubilee is definitely one to watch. For me, he is D.C.'s best DJ and producer. I was immediately drawn to the tracks he submitted to Hidden Recordings. His style is deep and bouncy in all the right ways." Sharma was so impressed with Jubilee’s work that he has him slated for a new EP in 2011 on Hidden . already seeing support from alexi delano, DVS1, alland byallo, someone else, derek marin, signal deluxe, stefano infusino, kane roth, subfractal, funk shuei, roman kramer to name a few .

Jubilee’s previous work has also appeared on Mexico City’s Blaq Records and the esteemed Mo’s Ferry imprint

Taso has made quite a name for himself recently in the Bay Area’s Hip Hop & EDM scene. With DJ, mixtape, and blog supports coming from some of the biggest names in the industry, along with chart topping, highly coveted tunes on Beatport, this is definitely an artist to pay very close attention to. His recent releases have been the highlight of some of the best parties on a global level, making his 100%, all original DJ sets incredibly sought after.

There is jazz buried between the crevasses of Taso’s music, and his work resounds with a feeling of distinct street beat crossed with the substance of technical virtuosity. His sounds are trunk-busting, slow rhyme inducing, pop-and-lock, deep, West Coast breaks with a hint at elements of Dubstep. In a flash, Taso’s use of synths, samples and drums proves as razor sharp as any contender in the big bass alleyway of top ten lists across the EDM globe. You will always find the crowd shouting and singing to Taso’s beats at his shows, while he raps on the mic and cuts it up on the 1s and 2s.

In 2012, Taso was asked to join and represent Teklife (Ghetto Teknitianz, founders of Juke and Footwerk) and is the only member representing this notorious crew on the West Coast. Recently, he released an official Cutty Ranks Remix alongside Djunya and is also having a major single coming out on Play Me Records, featuring a remix by NastyNasty. He is currently working on an official remix for Masia One featuring the Rza of Wu-Tang (due to be released on Muti), as well as one for Iamsu and Wiz Khalifa for clubtapes.com & livemixtapes.com. Back when he was more involved in the production of Dubstep, Taso released a full length album, “Galactive Booty Call”, in May 2012, which went to #9 in the top 100 albums on the Dubstep Charts for Beatport and #34 on the overall albums as well as #2 on the Glitch Hop top 100′s.

Having spent the greater portion of his life crafting a musical identity from his unearthly passion for big bass and brining people together for an insanely good time, Taso never fails to deliver only the most top notch performances. With recent exposures such as a feature on Trap-A-Holics Certified Trap Vol. 2, and plays on Berlin’s BLN.FM, this is one boss young gun to be on the lookout for


Dubsworth - ( Dubs Alive Records, TUBA)

Known for his dynamic performances ranging from deep dub funk, to heavy, hard rocking dubstep, Dubsworth is a musician and producer who has been involved in the Bay Area’s Dubstep scene for more than 7 years. Having performed with over 50 different acts beginning as a drummer and blues guitarist at the age of 15, his music draws from a diverse range of styles including Rock, Jazz, Dub/Reggae, and Funk. After finishing Berklee School of Music on bass guitar, Dubsworth moved to San Francisco. He quickly became known as one of the first dubstep producers to ever play their own instruments over dubstep. This live sound spoke to many of the prominent dubstep producers and launched Dubsworth into classic collaborations and epic live sets. He continued as the co-founder and CEO of Dubs Alive recordings, a label focused around future dubwize music. In 2010, his primary live project, The Spit Brothers, were official performers at SXSW in the same year were awarded Best Dubstep Ambassadors in the SF Bay Guardian. In early 2012, Dubsworth's tune he co-produced with Antiserum "Droid Prom" was featured on an episode of CSI Miami. Now in 2013 his rootsy blend of organic and synthetic continues to spread, catering to a broad audience, and recently charting in both the Reggae/Dub and Dubstep worlds.

RYURY has a huge arsenal of diverse and hard to find sounds for all occasions. His sets go from here to there and back again. Known for always having the freshest and hottest tunes around he has a very good reputation amongst peoples for always keeping it a level above anyone else. He has shared the stage with a ridiculous amount of artists and knows how to throw down on the turntables like a bo$$

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