Being a musician in a city with high rents, small apartments and expensive practice spaces can be tough, but fortunately, for Brooklyn-based song writer Noah Stitelman, those limitations have not slowed his creative process. In fact, Stitelman’s latest project could be called a homage to those on his street that don’t seem to mind living in close quarters with musicians.

“The band name is simple,” says Stitelman. “I have awesome neighbors.”

Formed in 2009, Neighbors came together following the break up of Stitelman’s former band. Joined by Mark Shaw, Brian Harney, Steph McParty, Sam Broe and Julie Noyce, Neighbors signifies a more focused vehicle for Stitelman’s song writing. “I’ve really been able to sit and work on parts for a long period of time. One song could take four months to write, but as long as I am actively working on writing, something will come out,” he says. And the change in process is clearly evident on Neighbors’ debut full length, "Good Luck, Kid"

Produced by Kyle "Slick" Johnson (Modest Mouse, The Hives, Rogue Wave), at Johnson's studio in Philadelphia, "Good Luck, Kid" features a smaller range of instrumentation than Stitelman’s past work, but with a bigger sound. “Really, the focus here was on trying to just make great songs with as little as possible. I just knew what I wanted to make” he says.

Neighbors’ lush, layered blend of synth and guitar, coupled with Stitelman’s stripped down delivery, channels subtle reminders of ’80s UK new wave and ’90s synth pop, but never drowns in a sea of obscure influences from another era. “I really wanted this record to be grounded in the present,” says Stitelman. And as a testament to Stitelman’s vision, the rigors of present day life are reflected: caustic daily relationships, deadpan advice, wrong turns. “The lyrics focus on growing up and relationships you have with friends and co-workers, and how to communicate,” says Stitelman.

And clearly, Stitelman and Neighbors are taking their own lyrical advice seriously: “Having been in a lot of bands, I know what the pitfalls are. We’re just trying to have a good time and make good music.”

In a word, you couldn’t ask for nicer Neighbors.

Cosmonaut is a four-piece indie-rock band from New York City. Formed in 2009 by classmates John Paul Manley and Daniel Quinn, Cosmonaut blends shoegaze influences with alternative rock and pop, to create a unique, mesmerizing sound.

The band came together after Manley and Quinn met at Fordham University. Both Manley and Quinn share vocal and guitar duties, and enlisted longtime friends Brendan Picone (bass) and Tom McIntyre (drums) to fill out the rhythm section. Cosmonaut is currently completing their debut EP with producer Kyle “Slick” Johnson (Wavves, Modest Mouse, Cymbals Eat Guitars). Cosmonaut has also appeared on Occupy This Album alongside numerous other artists including legends such as Patti Smith, Yo La Tengo, and Mogwai.

The band’s sound has been characterized as “somewhere in between Kevin Shields and Stephen Malkmus” (Aural Wes). “Their resonant compositions are offset with clear melodies and a natural intensity,” according to Fordham University’s “The Observer.” Weezer’s videographer and unofficial fifth member, Karl Koch, has described Cosmonaut’s sound as incorporating “shades of My Bloody V, early New Order, and Pavement,” (Karlophone).

Josh Eppard of Coheed and Cambria is quoted as saying “ Cosmonaut has found a way to embody the classic rock and roll elements that have been all but forgotten in contemporary rock while keeping intact their indie music footing. Cosmonaut is my favorite new band. Here’s to the future.”


C▲RL S▲G▲N is the Brooklyn based solo project of Destiny Montague, former singer for Shock Cinema, & current multi-instrumentalist for Midnight Masses ( & Feathers (

Cale Parks [HAKT]

The list of drummers that have found their way from the back of the stage into the limelight is, well, it's pretty short & mostly rooted in the post-prog pop landscape of England in the 70's. This is an appropriate reference point for Cale Parks who has held down the rhythm and pulse in such critically acclaimed & adventurous "indie rock" bands as Aloha, White Williams & Cex. His solo work has, since it's inception been a foray deep into texture, rhythm, pure sound and onwards into the heart of the song.


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