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Easy Big Fella

The ska-revival band Easy Big Fella was formed in late 1991 after vocalist/guitarist Rick Dybvad and bassist Steve Mandl placed an ad in the Seattle music weekly The Rocket; among those responding were trombonist Colin Shroy, keyboardist Aaron Simms, drummer Rodrigo Cerqueira and trumpeter Liam Barksdale. With the subsequent addition of saxophonist Jason Nelson, Easy Big Fella became one of the top bands on the Seattle circuit, opening for renowned acts including the Skatalites, the Specials, Desmond Dekker and the Toasters; in 1994. they also issued their debut LP, Easy Listening. Despite a series of lineup changes which eventually left only Dybvad, Barksdale and Nelson from their earliest incarnations, Easy Big Fella forged on, and with the additions of organist Mike Birenbaum, trombonist Eric Ellsworth, bassist Dave Sommer and drummer Bret Coffin, they released their second album Buttercup in 1995. Eat at Joey's followed in 1997, and two years later the group resurfaced with Tasty Bits and Spicy Flicks.

Original Middle Age Ska Enjoy Club

The Original Middleage Ska Enjoy Club formed in 2007 with a shared love of ska, rocksteady, and reggae and the singular goal of providing the musical entertainment at the wedding of two dear friends. As it turned out, we just couldnít stop playing this music we love so much and we have been steadily working to liberate Portlandís earnest residents from the tyrannical rule of the downbeat ever since.

The Original Middle Age Ska Enjoy Club is: Mike Afentoulis (sax), Michael Diltz (trumpet), Jed Jorgensen (bass), Don Olsen (upside down, left-handed mandolin), Casey Sims (drums), Stephanie Thompson (organ), and Brad Washburn (trombone).

The Longshots

The Longshots are a 6-piece ska band from Eugene, OR who want nothing more than to make heads nod and butts shake. Coming together in 2008, the line-up has seen a few changes over the years but still strives to bring a party atmosphere influenced by funk, R&B, jazz, and punk rock, all while rooted in a sound that encompasses the many styles of reggae, rock steady, 2 tone, dub, and 3rd wave.

DJ Simmerdown



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