KZME PRESENTS: Red Jacket Mine, Star Anna, Shane Tutmarc

Red Jacket Mine

What is the Seattle sound? Truth is it changes. Frequently. Garage rock, grunge, hip-hop...Red Jacket Mine sounds like none of these. Led by songwriter Lincoln Barr, this quartet proudly calls Seattle home, but you'd be hard-pressed to pinpoint the guys' area code simply by spinning their superlative new album, Someone Else's Cake.

At first blush, this batch of eleven originals seems more like a product of England in the aftermath of punk, when angry young men such as Graham Parker, Joe Jackson, Elvis Costello, Nick Lowe, and Messrs. Difford and Tilbrook of Squeeze spilled out of the pubs and elbowed their way into the UK charts. (There's even a hint of graphic design innovator Barney Bubbles in Shawn Wolfe's cover art.) But pay closer attention. Trust me, it isn't hard. Someone Else's Cake brims with melodies and lyrics that reveal new, deeper charms with repeated spins.

Red Jacket Mine isn’t part of the latest wave from Seattle or anywhere else. Someone Else’s Cake is timeless in its sensibilities, snagging the ear with endearing melodies and lyrical barbs, then engaging the heart and mind with ideas that run deeper. If the end result sounds like an album that’s already withstood the test of time…well, that’s because it undoubtedly will.

Star Anna is an Ellensburg born singer/songwriter. She relocated to Seattle, WA three years ago and put her name out there with her band The Laughing Dogs. After putting out three band records, she has embarked on a solo career with an upcoming release, Go To Hell, set to come out officially Sept. 24th. Her music style varies from show to show, leaning towards heavy blues when accompanied by a band and more folk based when playing solo. One thing that never changes though is the deep amount of soul and emotion that exudes from her raw vocals.

Shane Tutmarc

Nashville based, Seattle born songwriter, musician and producer Shane Tutmarc is currently at work on his second album. 2010 saw Tutmarc relocate to Nashville fresh off the heels of his debut solo album, “Shouting at a Silent Sky." Before moving to Nashville, the youngest Tutmarc found success in his native Pacific Northwest as the central figure in Dolour, “a group whose best output mirrors The Shins and Jellyfish” (Nashville Scene). Many prominent Northwest musicians found their start in Tutmarc’s band, including a young Robin Pecknold (principle singer/songwriter for Fleet Foxes) who recently had this to say, “Shane's got an amazing ear for melody and a restless spirit of invention. Very few songwriters are as obsessed with their craft as my friend Shane.” In 2012, Tutmarc spent time on the road opening for Rock and Roll Hall of Fame legend, Wanda Jackson, who gushed, “Shane Tutmarc is one of my new favorite voices in rock and roll!"

His latest material reveals that he hasn’t dropped out of the Brian Wilson School of Popular Song, but he added soul and R&B to his curriculum, thanks in part to co-producer Mike Leech. Leech, a member of The Musicians Hall of Fame, was bass player and horn arranger on key sessions at Memphis’ American Sound Studio in the late ‘60s and ‘70s (Elvis, The Box Tops, Dusty Springfield, Neil Diamond and many others). Co-Producers Leech and RJ Stillwell have brought in iconic musicians for Tutmarc's project, including Michael Rhodes (Rodney Crowell, Etta James) and Chad Cromwell (Neil Young, Mark Knopfler).



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