Ryan Walsh: Classical Guitar

Ryan Walsh

Upon graduating from the University of Oregon, Ryan decided to follow the call of his long-time passion, the classical guitar. He bought a ticket to Spain, birthplace of the instrument and home to a rich and ancient musical tradition. After several years studying alongside some of the world’s finest and honing his performance skills, he began to hear a different call—that of his own roots, the Pacific Northwest—and knew it was time to continue his travels. Although he has now returned home, his journey with the classical guitar has in no way come to an end. He looks forward to sharing, here at home, the beautiful, mysterious, and intensely intimate music he discovered during his years overseas.

Whether you believe in fate or not, from the very first moments in Spain, it seemed something was guiding Ryan toward the guitar. No sooner than checking into his hotel did he run into Ricardo Gallen, one of the world’s greatest, living classical guitarist. That evening he was invited to a small, private concert of his, and introduced to family and friends. Here he was set upon a path that would eventually lead to Seville’s Conservatorio Superior, renowned for its classical guitar program.

There he received an education second to none. But he was never content to limit his training to the purely academic. He continually looked to the public for new challenges, and performed in some unforgettable venues, such as the closing ceremonies of ARCO in Madrid (Spain’s largest contemporary art festival), The Cathedral of Valladolid, and El Perro Azul–mythical Seville local. During summers home he has also performed in many recitals and played at weddings and fine dining establishments, such as Astoria’s Bridgewater Bistro. Since his return, he has performed, as a solo artist, at Astoria’s famed Liberty Theater, and currently plays at Andina – consistently ranked among Portland’s finest restaurants – on a regular basis. These experiences, over the years, have helped him build a vast and diverse repertoire as well as a great feel for audience interaction.

In his playing, he regards beauty and elegance above all else. A staunch perfectionist in his interpretation, he works tirelessly to evoke the composer’s spirit and breath life into each and every note. The only way to truly appreciate music, however, is by letting it speak for itself, and Ryan is excited to have the opportunity to let it do just this here in the Pacific Northwest!



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