Sioux Lion, Anais Aida, Gentleman Brawlers, Katie Buchanan, Katy Steele (CANCELLED)

Sioux Lion

Brand new band by Jon Weinman from Minarets.

Anais Aida

Born in Toulouse, France to a Senegalese father and French mother, raised in Ireland, France, Senegal, and California, Anais was quite the cultured globetrotter before she even honed in on her passion as a singer-songwriter. Her background and travels have undoubtedly influenced her sound; a sound that often recalls the non-conventional rhythms present in her African heritage, the vocal stylings of classic and modern soul artists, and the attitude of contemporary R&B. Anais mixes and strips all of her influences down to their bare essentials, creating a captivating aural experience.

Her latest work is a funneling of a world of influences through a softly focused lens, exploring love and loss and the white-hot reality of connecting with those that influence our lives every day. Her breakout single "Love Can Burn," produced by Erin Rioux and Alejandro “Arca” Ghersi, found Anais struggling to reconcile a past love gone wrong, while the follow up "True (Fire In My Bones)" burns slowly as a meditative self-reflection on individual triumph. Both employ sweeping, dramatic instrumentation over which Anais' rich, emotive voice

Gentleman Brawlers

The Gentleman Brawlers sound like Led Zeppelin if that group had been fascinated with Afrobeat and Samba instead of American Blues and Rockabilly. They've been compared to the Fleet Foxes, Bon Iver and Crosby Stills & Nash.

Katie Buchanan

Katie Buchanan is a midwest-born, NYC-based singer/songwriter and guitarist. With a soul tinged voice and bluesy guitar prowess, Katie plays decidedly singer/songwriter songs with a blues/pop tilt. She began recording her first demos on home-stereo tape decks at 12, embracing a DIY mindset from day one. A recent graduate of the Clive Davis Inst. of Recorded Music at NYU, Katie has grown from grade-school music experimenter to DIY-production master.

In 2013, Katie released her first project in over two years. Completely self-produced with self-sample-loops and alternative percussion instruments (think thrown paperclips in place of snares), the EP, "Another Beat," began as stress-relief, fun demos, but quickly became just the first step in a brand new direction for the singer.

Katie is currently wrapping up two more EPs, "Go" and "Roll Away Sun," for release later in the year and playing shows all around NYC and in her native Kansas City.

Katy Steele (CANCELLED)

KATY STEELE is an ARIA Award (Australian Grammy Awards) nominated singer/songwriter/guitarist.

Katy's vocal range, songwriting, and sartorial splendour have attracted favourable comparisons to PJ Harvey and Chrissie Hynde and her Australian band – LITTLE BIRDY – where described as "Lucinda Williams meets Kate Bush via Beck" with their intimate and engaging performances.

LITTLE BIRDY released three albums in their homeland to rave reviews and each album spent time in the top end of the Australian charts, including a #1 highest selling Australian album in 2009 and three consecutive albums to reach gold sales status.

In 2009, KATY STEELE relocated to New York to begin work on her first solo album. Katy's move to the Brooklyn heralds a new phase in her career, she explains "Living in New York is quite the experience, it's like nothing I've ever known and I've never felt so challenged, pressured, pushed and alive before. It's exactly what I wanted". The move has also led to an evolution in Katy's style and sound that will excite and surprise old and new fans alike.

Katy has extensive live experience both with her band and as a solo performer. She has played shows to crowds of a few hundred at intimate venues like the famous Spiegeltent and also performed to thousands of folks at festivals like the Big Day Out. Katy has also supported REM, Bright Eyes, and most recently Richard Ashcroft and the United Nations Of Sound on their Australian tour.

For her new performances Katy has assembled a new band to perform songs from her forthcoming solo debut single, EP and album release in the next six months.



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