The Story So Far

The Story So Far

The Story So Far is a five piece pop punk band from Walnut Creek, CA formed in 2007. The lineup consists of Parker Cannon on vocals, Will Levy on guitar, Kevin Geyer on guitar, Kelen Capener on bass and backup vocals, and Ryan Torf on drums. Their debut full length "Under Soil And Dirt" was released on June 21, 2011 and is now available on Pure Noise Records

Stick To Your Guns

We currently live in an age of angst and depression from a longterm economic recession that has seemed to affect everyone to some degree. However, fortunately there are those few individuals that always keep a positive outlook while trying to show the world that there are plenty of things they should be thankful for outside of the material goods they deem so important. STICK TO YOUR GUNS is more than a band, they have evolved into a movement that focuses on individual self expression, the desire to create a better life for yourself and an emphasis on the importance of family and treating others with respect.

Bursting at the seams with a vibrant energy and overall positivity comes this Orange County sensation, who provide a message of hope and that could serve as the soundtrack to the new hardcore/punk revolution. Visionary Jesse Barnett (vocals) was originally inspired to form a band that would provide him with a medium to project his view points and reflect his musical influences and he continues to do just that to this very day bringing a stable of accomplished musicians on board. STYG blends melody, heaviness, and sincerity into one solid sound that will cater to fans of Comeback Kid, Ignite and Rise Against.

After four full-length albums, a number of worldwide tours and legions of diehard followers the band has come full circle and in 2012 delivers the most important effort of their already stellar career. The much anticipated new album, Diamond, encompasses what STYG is all about and sees their songwriting develop and mature to ultimately craft their definitive release, which ultimately delivers a message of inspiration that anyone can relate to.

Barnett states: "The new album, Diamond, is an insight to the way we view the world through our eyes. All the good and all the bad. This is an amazing place we live in. There is so much mystery about our existence and it fascinates the hell out of us. The pain people go through, the good that people do and the gods that people are willing to kill and die for. It's all who we are as a whole and its important for us to understand this. What's inside of you is what is happening outside in the world. How we can look at everything thats going on around us and think that we are at a complete disconnect from it, is beyond me.

"We also try to live the words we speak. It's become more and more important to me as we have moved forward through this band's life, that we do the things we are saying. We try to give back any moment we can. This band has become more than just a band for me. I very much try to be the words that I write. I'm not a perfect. I am far from it, but what helps me more than anything is when a kid comes to me and says 'hey man my life was a wreck and I was in a downward spiral and this bands music has picked me up'. This is what helps me because I know what thats like and I have bands that have done the same things for me so to be that band for someone else is an honor.

"I feel like this band has progressed through its life like I have through mine. Every person on this earth is searching for things trying to find out who they are, where they belong and ways that they can express themselves. With the new album, not to sound to generic, we really took inventory of our music and for me at least I took inventory of my life, my flaws and mental vices. This is me trying to let it all go and find whats truly important to me and that is my friends, family and all of humanity. Society interests me in ways that I previously never knew. The things that people endure and the stuff people bounce back from and the ways we progress through science and technology amazes me. I love this world even though here are absolutely shitty things about it. I'm trying very hard to change my view and always trying to find ways to give back as much as possible."

In 2012, STICK TO YOUR GUNS gives to the world a diamond that shines bright and exudes a proclamation of hope and inspiration that could even impact the most cynical.

Such Gold is about sing-a-longs/gang chants, DIY house shows, pile-ons, rad friends, fast-beats, touring, and having good times with good people.

Come share a garbage plate and a Genny with us.

Heart To Heart

Since when is wearing your heart on your sleeve supposed to be a bad
thing? Aren't we supposed to care about the life as it happens to us
so that we can reflect on those events and even (gasp!) grow from
them? Yeah, I know about irony, the death of irony, and the other
sorts of postmodern philosophical ramblings bandied about by
self-important cultural critics. If you're not going to get out there
and actually live life a bit, then I say to hell with you and your
ostentatious ideas that will never be put into practice in a real-time

In direct response to your grand theorizing, I'd like to introduce you
Heart To Heart. Self-described as, "a real band with real emotions
about real problems," this Pismo Beach, California quartet has
released a raw and blistering record entitled Deathproof. Produced by
Kyle Black (New Found Glory, Set Your Goals, All Time Low), these
three songs hearken back to those halcyon days when people gave a damn
about their music and what that music could say. Calling to mind the
music of Crime In Stereo, Northstar, Hot Water Music, and The
Replacements, these four guys have made a fantastic punk record
steeped in rootsy, blue-collar sensibilities. From the outset, the vocals of Nick Zoppo grab you by the shoulders, shake you around, and never let go. His tough growl serves as an
excellent complement to the hard-knock-life lyrics about love, growing
up, and standing up against adversity. I'm also a fan of John Hayes
and his guitar work – the tones are bright enough to support his tidy
licks, but there's plenty of teeth present for the big chugging
sections. Lest I forget, the rhythm section of Justin Bratcher on bass
and Stuart Stock on drums provide a sturdy foundation for the band's
pacing and energy. "Recollections" kicks things off with a bang, complete with peppy
pop-punk textures. On my favorite cut – "Requiem" – we're introduced
to the hard-bitten Chuck Ragan side of the band's persona, and it goes
a step further by dipping its toes into post-core territory. Yet, the
project comes to a rollicking conclusion with "Lessons," a buzzy,
kinetic anthem brimming with the sort of production values and vigor
that display a track that's primed and ready for immediate inclusion
on alternative rock radio (and that's meant as a sincere compliment).
Deathproof was produced, engineered and mastered by Kyle Black (New
Found Glory, Set Your Goals, All Time Low, Pierce The Veil) at
Treefort Studios in Hollywood, CA in June of 2011. The 3-song
offering is the follow-up to Heart To Heart's 2010 self-released debut
EP,Impressions, and was released on 7" and digital formats by Anchor
84 Records on October 4th, 2011. The vinyl is limited to a pressing
of 500 on transparent black (250), transparent blue (150) and
transparent gold (150) colorways. Since its inception in 2009, Heart
To Heart has toured the U.S. several times and shared the stage with
the likes of Senses Fail, The Ghost Inside, The Wonder Years, Man
Overboard, Transit, The Story So Far, The Menzingers, A Loss For Words
and many more.

Tired of pissy man-children whining about how life's so unfair, but
they can't seem to actually do anything about their plight? Weary of
the vague, dreamy platitudes of the hipster-branded act of the moment?
Then you should really give the music of Heart To Heart a dedicated
listen. Deathproof might not be evidence of some nifty new micro-genre
that's going to generate a shit-ton of blog hits, but these songs will
definitely remind you that it's good to feel things, feel them often,
and truly do something about them. And isn't that what ballsy punk
rock should be about? For more information, go or



Advance Tickets available at: Rotate This and Soundscapes Music

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