John Vanderslice (DJ set)

"After White Wilderness—a beautiful and surreal collaboration with Magik*Magik Orchestra from 2011, JV has returned to his signature sound of employing mysterious electronic buzzes, blips and whirs to fill the space between his distinct voice and the use of a vast array of guitars, drums, pianos and countless other instruments. Elaborate arrangements aren’t anything new for JV, and Dagger Beach may be the most ambitious to date, but rarely—if ever—does it hinder the atmosphere.

Most tracks will find a choir of JV’s singing and brilliant harmonies. And while the full cast of performers is upwards of 15, a clear staple to the vibe of this record is the deliberate, precision drumming of Jason Slota, especially on “Damage Control.” The elegant woodwind and horn arrangements of Minna Choi and Magik*Magik Orchestra also find a home on “Harlequin Press,” “Song For David Berman,” and “Gaslight”—still working perfectly alongside Vanderslice’s melodies." --Paste

Meet San Francisco success story DOE EYE, aka singer-songwriter Maryam Qudus. And we say "success story" because how often is it a musician goes from being a virtually unknown college student to winning Billboard magazine's "Battle Of The Bands" West Coast division and recording an EP with veteran producer John Vanderslice (Nada Surf, Mates of State) and Magik*Magik Orchestra? No, sorry, that does not happen often.

DOE EYE’s rich, old-soul ballads would've been discovered/celebrated/listened to over and over again regardless. Initially gaining traction with her first EP, Run Run Run, Qudus has been named FUSE TV AND Alternative Press' Unsigned Artist Of The Month, with songs charting in the top 10 on Hype Machine. Qudus was going to the renowned Berklee College of Music while working on her 2012 release ‘Hotel Fire’ produced by John Vanderslice, who is also producing her debut LP.


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