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Gardens & Villa is the project of five college friends from Santa Barbara, formed following the collapse of a noisier post-punk band and a hitch-hiking journey up the west coast. Members Chris Lynch, Adam Rasmussen, Levi Hayden, Shane McKillop began playing in earnest as Gardens & Villa in 2008. The name is pulled from the location of their house on Villa Street, and the property’s lovely garden to which they tend. The music they make is very much connected to coastal city they call home — the stoney bike rides, dance parties, a scene free of judgment. The band refers to this Santa Barbara feeling as “coco vibes.” For two weeks in the summer of 2010, the band camped behind visionary and now-labelmate Richard Swift’s Oregon studio. No shower, no kitchen, but all the magic you could ask for. After taking a band oath to always play all parts live — a la Talking Heads’ Stop Making Sense — the band added member Dusty Ineman to supremely execute the live incarnation of the band.

"After recording in Starfucker's home city of Portland, Oregon, Gardens & Villa released their debut album on Yeasayer's label Secretly Canadian, and coincidentally, Gardens & Villa sound a lot like a cross between those two groups. Similarly, Levi Hayden, Shane McKillop, Adam Rasmussen, and Chris Lynch make warm indie pop with airy falsettos and retro synths. It’s a tranquil listen, even when a picnic song like the chillwavey “Orange Blossom,” with its pseudo-sexy hook “Think of me like a swarm of bees/Circling around your knees/To pollinate means ecstasy,” gives way into the chugging acoustics of “Thorn Castles,” a jam that's brisk enough for a jog on the beach. References to the outdoors are peppered all over the album -- from “Black Hills” to "Carrizo Plain"-- and this naturalist theme, combined with the digital production, gives the record a nice sense of balance." --AllMusic.com

PAINTED PALMS (album release party)

San Francisco psych-pop duo Painted Palms are proud to announce the upcoming release of their debut full-length album Forever, out January 14 via Polyvinyl Records. The album follows their 2011 EP Canopy and the Carousel 7".

Whether living four states away or four blocks away, Reese Donohue and Christopher Prudhomme have always used the Internet -- at first out of necessity, later out of preference -- to collaborate on their songwriting.

Although the cousins grew up together in Lafayette, Louisiana, Donohue eventually moved to San Francisco, while Prudhomme stayed near New Orleans.

The newfound distance between them forced the pair to start sending song ideas back and forth via e-mail, a virtual exchange that quickly spawned Painted Palms' first release, Canopy, which was discovered by of Montreal's Kevin Barnes.

Tours with of Montreal, Braids and STRFKR soon followed before Prudhomme moved out west to San Francisco, where Donohue still lived.

Pale Blue Dot

"The East Bay trio known as Pale Blue Dot does not necessarily self-identify as a “supergroup,” but I went there anyway. Comprised of members of James & Evander, The Aimless Never Miss, and B. Hamilton, what else would you call it?

“There may be a few Bay Area music nerds who know our other bands, but we’d hardly call it a supergroup,” says Adam Myatt, also of James & Evander. “We’re three somewhat-like-minded musicians/friends from Oakland, who met playing shows in various bands together, and like to think of this current project as Carl Sagan-inspired disco.”

You read that right, folks: “Carl Sagan-inspired disco.” So now would probably be a good time to hit you with Pale Blue Dot’s first track. Here’s “Voyage”, which does indeed ride a disco-ish beat, but there’s so much more here to like – crystalline guitar lines, spacey synths (hence the Carl Sagan, I’m guessing), and a grooving, bouncy bass line." --Bay Bridged

plus DJs Glenn Jackson and Ear Of The Beholder



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5-YEAR EOTB-DAY PARTY with GARDENS & VILLA with PAINTED PALMS (album release party), Pale Blue Dot, plus DJs Glenn Jackson and Ear Of The Beholder

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