Battle Of The Tees Chicago

Battle Of The Tees Chicago

Let’s Get Ready to Rumble!

What better way to see a battle than to see one with t-shirt designers, music, art, culture?!?! Yes, that’s right, t-shirt designers! In their first installment, Battle of the Tees - Chicago, will merge all of these activities into one unique and culture filled event.

Did you know some of the best Graphic Tee Designers/Brands in the country call Chicago their home?

Check out brands like 3c Wear, The Good Triumph Young, Slapass, Aaron Andrews Apparel, MasFina, 3c Wear, Afrodisiak, No Manches co., Wishful Thinker, LAME Apparel and Atomic Guerilla Punch as they bring their best tees and creative presentations to let the crowd decide who has the best brand in the building!

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