New Myths weave electronic elements with fuzzy guitars and fantastical haunting melody lines. This 3 - piece new wave/indie- rock outfit is the culmination of drummer Rosie Glassman, guitarist Britney Boras and bassist Marina Ross.
Since having met in music school, grade school, and the NYC music scene, New Myths recently released their debut self-titled EP

Manors is a band.

Ablebody is the solo project of the former Pains Of Being Pure At Heart and Depreciation Guild guitarist Christoph Hochheim. Hochheim has been releasing music under this moniker since 2011, dishing out an EP of covers, crafting remixes and demoing original material via Bandcamp and SoundCloud.

Like playing percussion jazz tapes in a Chinese garden or walking half-awake through an Eastern Emporium; Hochheim presents sentimental trails of creative resolve. Christoph's brother Anton takes on the drum arrangements while the world of indoors is explored, "with the blinds shut, with nothing to hide from," that finds that special and certain-central comfort above mattresses, cruising into the covers while winter rains down outside…everywhere. Ablebody's 'All My Everybody' EP was released on January 29 via


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