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Colorado-based Iconocaust released their 4th D.I.Y. CD in June 2012, produced by Ahrue Luster (Ill Nino/Machine Head). The EP is a guitar-heavy, thrashy, shredfest full of tasty hooks, rich melody and energy. They released their 3rd self-produced album, JUDAS COMPLEX, in early 2010 with the help of producer Ahrue Luster. This album brought forth a new twist to their unique blend of metal, intro
ducing their new guitarist Brian Davis. Now with a true twin guitar assault, they could write the sort of music that press had deemed "Orchestrated Brutality".

The band is currently working on more new tunes, and is touring the U.S. between sessions in the studio

Fist Fight

Born from the Colorado metal scene, rarely does a band this versatile and powerful come about, with goals of dominating audiences and searing their blazing sound into the minds of those listening. By way of a thunderous approach, Fist Fight is a combination of numerous musical philosophies and styles which comes at you from every possible angle. Utilizing raw, yet polished techniques at the same time, they fold in a unique blend of technical ability, hardcore, grove and traditional metal riffs accompanied by punkish tones, and a level of unforeseen forceful aggression that commands notice by pounding onlookers' teeth down their throats with a take no prisoners attitude.

The initial foundation of Fist Fight was laid in December 2010 when guitarists Jon Maggard and Nich Rich began to build the band from the ground up. Bassist Adrian Montoya joined the duo in March 2011, and after trying out several drummers and
vocalists, drummer Chris Day and frontman Dustin Holmer solidified the monster collection of talent to create Fist Fight.

With decades of collective experience in the music industry, the members of Fist Fight come from an impressive resume of bands, of which a partial list includes Less Than Under, Chromax, Control Element, Guilty Of Aggression, Skapegoat and Ceverence. Their members have also performed alongside well-known bands such as Hed PE, Snot, Motograter, Hemlock, LA Guns, White Lion and Chimera, to name just a few. Through hard work and natural talent, Fist Fight is poised to set the metal world on fire with an explosive sound that, prior to the band's inception, was unheard of.

Fist Fight uses Shure Microphones, Gibson, Jackson, Epiphone and BC Rich Guitars, four and five-string Schecter Basses, Dunlop Sharp Picks, POD Pros, Mesa Boogie Amps, Peavey/Carvin Cabs, Eminence Speakers, SWR Workingman and Peavey Heads, Monster Cables, Pearl Export Series Drums, Ziljian Cymbals, Pearl Hardware, Pedalstand Evans/Aquarian Drum Heads and Vic Firth 5b Sticks.

Don't allow yourself to be caught off guard; the era of the mighty Fist Fight has just begun.

Combustion Mechanism

The Combustion Mechanism was started with one unique goal: Create music that is entertaining to the common listener, while still being intriguing to the studied musician.

Enter Greg Burgess and his lineup of talented musicians: Greg (guitar), Laura Johnson-LeDoux (drums), Shonna Montoya (bass). Greg and his crew were looking to start a new and refreshing metal band in the Denver scene, and Greg contacted Sean Babiniec (guitar) who then contacted Tyler Reschke (clean vocals) to fill out the rest of the lineup.

After a few practices and writing sessions it was clear that a unanimous vision was shared, a vision that reflected the true goal of The Combustion Mechanism. So the new crew adopted the name and spirit of TCM and began to write music that will be an entertainment staple in Denver, as well as be a learning process for both the band and the fans.

The amount of talent and previous track records of each member in the band is astonishing, therefore, only individual biographies will truly introduce the band.

Member Bios:

Greg Burgess-

Greg holds a bachelors degree in Classical Guitar Performance from the Cincinnati College Conservatory of Music. He Moonlights as the lead/rhythm guitarist in the Metal Blade band Allegaeon. A certified Suzuki instructor, he has held teaching positions at the Denver branch of Paul Green's School of Rock Music, and was an instructor at the prestigious Music Institute of Lexington. His arrangements have been featured on MTV's "Made", and he has toured extensively through the Midwest with Classical Guitar Ensembles, and as a solo artist.

Laura Johnson-LeDoux-

Laura started playing rudiments on the snare when she was 9 with a few lessons from her dad and continued with a self-study education from there. She started on the kit in middle school where she played for the Jazz Band and was the only female drummer to make the All-City Band in 6th grade. She joined her first Denver-based band when she was 18, where she met bassist Shonna. Her first show in front of a crowd was opening for King's X at Cervantes. She then started Saved by Ruin when she was 19 (in 2006) which opened for such acts as Sevendust and Nonpoint and made KBPI's top 18 in the Best Band in Denver competition in 2008. Laura was Pearl Drums first ever "Myspace Featured Artist." Her performance and drumming has been compared to that of Morgan Rose, Joey Jordison, and Mike Portnoy.

Shonna Montoya-

Shonna was surrounded by music from a young age. Whether it was her great-grandfather singing, playing the guitar and harmonica; her stepfather, who was the front man and guitarist in a rock band; the record business her grandfather ran out of his home, or the metal blaring out of her uncle’s room, music permeated her and a love began. Shonna’s only formal music training was on the flute from age 8-13 and one year of guitar lessons at age 14. After being turned away from playing the guitar in her school band becaus e they "didn’t have music for guitar,” her musical path was put on hold as she focused on college. After her undergraduate studies music fell back in her lap, quite literally, when being asked to play the bass in a friend’s band. She was handed all the gear and music and a journey and love of the bass guitar began. Shonna has played in several local Colorado bands, including Saved by Ruin with drummer Laura. After a somewhat successful run with Saved by Ruin, including opening for national acts and recording a full-length LP, the band went their separate ways, allowing the door to her next endeavor, The Combustion Mechanism, to open.

Tyler Reschke-

As a somewhat unorthodox vocalist for a metal band, Tyler Reschke grew up being influenced by some of the great doo wop groups from the last 60 years. From The Temptations and The Platters, to Sam Cooke and Otis Redding, Tyler has learned the ins and outs of vocal tones and harmonies. He is also influenced greatly by the music of Frank Sinatra and of course Micheal Buble'. It wasn’t until his high school career that he truly took a liking to vocal performance. He later joined up with a barbershop quartet that showcased some incredible four part pieces. He has had very little training, but does well to overcome that with natural talent and plenty of on stage experience. Tyler is a versatile vocalist and has worked with a plethora of different music types. He currently sings with a gospel quartet, he has traveled from coast to coast with an indie pop group, and is now very excited about his metal experiences to come. Not only does he bring excellent talent to the group, but his energy is passionate and powerful.


SMACKFACTOR…This whole project began when formed in late February of 2004. From then on, an unforgettable distinct style of metal has emerged… Tribal infused Power Metal! Smackfactor has the ability to grow on you , grab hold, and never let go! Just ask any of our many loyal fans! This very diverse style of metal is forged by hard working team members with extensive professional backgrounds. Backgrounds not just in metal and hardcore, but also in classical, tribal, folk, jazz and cubanismo (to name a few). Ranking with thier unique sound comes an energetic performance answering the question to the reason why we are in the entertainment business. “You will get your moneys worth” at a SmackFactor show, along with a huge selection of top quality merchandise “we” manufacture ourselves! Yes, SmackFactor owns a full size t-shirt print shop supplying the local and international metal industry! SmackFactor has had the honor of playing with national and local performers in and out of Colorado. Some venues include; The Ogden Theatre, The Aggie Theatre, The Bluebird Theatre, Big City NightClub, Iliff Park Saloon, The Gothic Theatre, Hodis Halfnote and The Dickens Operahouse (to name a few)… SmackFactor is currently gaining an even larger fan base since the new CD release and touring plans are beggining to surface! Success for this group is largely accredited to the “superglue chemistry” formed only through overcoming incredible odds such as scam artist sound engineers— to tactically avoiding local backstabbing politics that only serve to destroy the metal scene. SmackFactor will prove to you on all levels with hard work and determination, you can overcome any obsticle and prosper in your path. We simply won’t take “no” for an answer……. Be watching for us………….. We’re looking for you……………. (the one and only)……..SMACKFACTOR


Elusive American melodic metal forerunners CELLADOR have manifested themselves once again, in preparation for transfiguration into its newest POWER METAL incarnation!

Over the past several years The American South has been teeming with innovative music and Charlotte North Carolina's own Flagship are poised to be the next to carve their name in the bark. Without flinching at the independent music world's overwrought penchant for novelty, Flagship harnesses the un-teachable quality of transparent emotional depth.

Flagship is a musical force that approaches a ...wide spectrum of musical landscapes with natural fluidity. Steering the ship at the helm, Drake Margolnick's chameleon like ability to alter his vocal approach to jive with a particular song's mood is key to the group's tendency to make songs with severe emotional depth. Whether offering a fearsome, throat shredding, angst ridden scream in the western romp, "Native on The Run" or a warm heartbreaking falsetto over shimmering guitars and swirling organs on "Older," Margolnick gets were he needs to go vocally without difficulty or showmanship. Assuredly, this effortless ability to match the feeling his band mates conjure has everything to do with his poignancy at the lyrical plate. When Margolnick mourns, "I lost my baby" you feel it, because he feels it, and his band feels it.

Fresh off his impressive solo effort "Taylorsville" that saw Drake wearing every hat on the stand from drummer, and guitar player, to producer and arranger. Margolnick's newer material is truly a warp speed maturation from his debut, wherein Drake hands-off the musical reigns to his new band. This musical freedom pays off beautifully finding the band comfortably traversing varying musical territories ranging from the alternative folk tendencies of Grizzly Bear's 'Yellow House' or the beautifully atmospheric swells of Sleeping At Last, and even to the frenzied passion of fellow southerners Colour Revolt.

Drake says he feels at home when he's writing songs even though his concept of home was fairly amorphous as a kid living in a family stretched across the country. His songs clearly reflect the pain, doubts, and love of a young modern struggling with the world – but they also offer a sense of contentment with these sometimes fear-ridden aspects of living. Margolnick remains hopeful without losing grip on reality and it's contagious. In the Dylan-esque "Henry Esmond," he asks, "In the light, in the light can you see it?" Here, (as in most of his songs) Drake refuses to dabble with lofty concept-abstractions that too often collapse into meaningless, instead opting to lyrically draw from the spiritual well of his youth to ask questions, dream, and wrestle with life.

By K.R.Williams

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