Onward to Olympas, A Hero A Fake

Onward to Olympas

Onward To Olympas charged onto the scene with the release of their debut album "This World Is Not My Home" (Jan, 2010) and are back again with their sophomore album "The War Within Us." OTO has meticulously cultivated their sound, blending progressive metal, straight hardcore, and elements of death metal. Once again they enlisted the help of Jamie King (For Today, Between The Buried And Me) to engineer their new record and that, combined with the matured direction of their writing make for an even more seasoned, technical and ear catching release.

Onward to Olympas toured for the majority of 2010 and appeared at Cornerstone, Sonshine and Purple Door festivals. This spring will see them touring on the way to and from Facedown Fest on the 2nd annual "Facedown Young & Wreckless Tour," and plans for the rest of the year are already in motion.

A Hero A Fake

After one listen to A HERO A FAKE their catchy melodic elements stick inside your head, while the unpredictable transitions from hardcore to progressive metal keep you actively wondering where the music will take you next. Aptly titled Volatile, their album aims to push the boundaries of the metal/hardcore genres with complex instrumental compositions that are complimented with crushing screams an
d inspiring anthems.

Most artists can agree that being in a full-time band can be hard enough, but add a full-time school schedule on top of that and it is nearly impossible. However, A HERO A FAKE have endured even with four members wrapping up their college careers and two finishing up high school. “The last four years have quite honestly been the most stress-filled times of our lives. It’s hard enough to do well in school or music, but doing both took every ounce of focus and energy we could exert,” stated Morgan. Instead of letting the demands of education impede their creative capacity, they used it as inspiration for material.

With the guidance of producer Jamie King (BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME, SECRET LIVES OF THE FREEMASONS, He Is Legend), A HERO A FAKE have constructed a multi-layered, heartfelt journey through the emotions that humanity must undergo. “No matter what genre, people are drawn to music with energy, whether it is emotional, physical, or philosophical,” said Brown. It’s a steadfast belief that A HERO A FAKE prove with their stunning debut Volatile.

Bruised But Not Broken

Debut EP "JUST(DEFIED)" out NOW on Standby Records!

The Road To Milestone

The Road to Milestone is a six piece post hardcore band from Lancaster PA. Energy on stage flows from our passion for music and our God. We get the crowd moving with our post hardcore electronics and brutal breakdowns. If the crowed isn't moving we aren't satisfied. We've played local venues from Lancaster to York to Manheim, including a few battle of the bands in which we've placed first. We love to have fun and express ourselves through the universal aspects of Music.

Vices & Vessels

Vices & Vessels is a metalcore/hardcore band from Charlotte, NC. Formed in October, 2012. Our mission is to entertain the masses and build a fan base to create the pathway to our career and life on the road as Musicians.



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