Torch The Wagon

The spark that started the blaze happened on the summer solstice of 2008 when Torch the Wagon rose from the ashes of the previous bands the members had been in. The fire has only gotten hotter as Torch the Wagon continues to burn up the local scene playing some of Denver's hottest venues.

Torch the Wagon was formed by Jeff Simeral, the drummer from the popular local band Stepshort, and Jeff Johnson, a fresh newcomer to the Denver scene. The two Jeffs toiled day and night to build the finest wagon the world had ever seen. After 40 days and nights of devoted labor, the wagon was built. They then immediately set the wagon ablaze and recorded the resulting glorious inferno, creating their debut EP, "Longest Day of the Year".

Jeff Simeral (lead vocalist and rhythm guitar) electrifies crowds with his magnetic charisma and raw sex appeal. Jeff Johnson (lead guitar and backup vocals) is a charming devil destined from creation to ignite your soul with his red-hot guitar licks and suave sophistication. Mat Bell puts the bass in your face like it's some kind of race. Spencer Perkins lowers the boom with his hard-hitting, face-crushing drums of fury.

Torch the Wagon's music is a diverse, decadent blend of grunge, punk, stoner rock, and classic rock, and influences include such bands as Nirvana, Queens of the Stone Age, Fu Manchu, Stone Temple Pilots, Soundgarden, and many, many more, which means that Torch the Wagon isn't just for anyone – it's for everyone. Their passion for all things rock shines through in their energetic, sizzling live shows. The only thing they can't do is disappoint.

So listen to Torch the Wagon, and remember:

"We aim to please, and we never miss." – Torch the Wagon

Pull the Alarm

Pull the Alarm is comprised of Nick Ferro (guitar/vocals), Chris Brinson (drums) and Nick Daniluk (bass). The trio met while simultaneously honeymooning on a French cruise liner called, "Les Twatte". After their brides were hijacked by Polynesian pirates, they formed a vengeance squad, vowing to rescue their betrothed and slay the dirtbags who bitchnapped them. However, upon realizing that music was truly their first love, they forgot about the chicks and decided to become pirates themselves; pirates of the stage and studio; alternative buccaneers.

Breakneck Betty

Experimental Rock from Lakewood, CO

OMNIISM (late set)

Balls, conviction, and vulnerability... We promise to approach music with respect to its power, to draw from timeless influences, and to convey a wide range of emotion.

Gang Forward

Gang Forward is one of Denver’s latest additions to the heavy rock scene. Since 2010, the band has honed their skills in creating fun and energetic live performances, while engaging fans with shredding guitar, ethereal vocals, and driving rhythms. Their debut album, “Secret Wars”, was released a year later in August 2011 under NLM Records in Nashville and has been warmly received by fans and critics alike. Gang Forward’s unique blend of hard rock is indicative of influences such as Muse, Rage Against The Machine, and Incubus; however, their sound is anything but the same. Many songs are filled with progressive key changes and dynamic tempo shifts, showcasing a wide array of explosive musicianship.

Aaron Cooley, a Nashville native, is an exciting live performer and a fiery guitarist/vocalist. Searing tone and a ferocious appetite for acrobatic guitar solos are what to expect when you see the band holding court. Steering the rock anthemic is Randy Stindt, a versatile vocalist from Fresno, CA. Tinges of Chris Cornell, Martin Sexton, and Maynard James Keenan can be heard in Stindt’s refreshing addition to the foursome, often while demonstrating an additional percussive prowess on many different instruments during live performances. Drummer, Tyson Williams, and bassist, Greg Furuya sum up the rhythm section and drive the band with dynamic force. Hailing from Austin, TX, Williams blasts and grooves his way around the set, complimenting the distinctive technique and tone of Furuya, a Chicago-based guitarist turned bassist. This foursome is hungry to keep entertaining fans and creating music that pushes the boundaries of progressive rock.

$5.00 - $10.00


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