Bird of Prey

Bird of Prey is San Francisco bay area native Torin Goodnight. Creating electronic music for over a decade, he has developed a unique and very distinct sound. His music hybridizes various genres, fusing the enveloping sensibilities of psychedelic sound with hard hitting dubstep and breakbeat elements. His style contains a high level of cerebral activity not commonly found in many urban genres. Combining aggressive basslines, twisted leads, and colorful atmospheres to create diverse and immersive soundscapes.

He made his first compositions in his bedroom tinkering with hardware synths and sequencers, eventually moving on to more elaborate computer-based production. After receiving a Bachelor's degree in sound engineering from Expression College for Digital Arts, he worked in the audio industry for four years before becoming a full time musician. He is now dedicated to creating powerful music with good intentions, and aims to contribute his craft wherever it's appreciated.

The success of his 3 EP's (Atrium, SubTropic, Dreamcatcher), and many licensed tracks to compilations has put this artist on the map. He is currently working on his next releases for Addictech Records. You can be sure to expect honest, cutting-edge music from this artist in the near future.

Bird of Prey is often accompanied by his lovely wife Kit, an internationally acclaimed hula hoop dancer and Fire Performer. KiT's out of this world, freestyle moves to Bird of Prey's mesmerizing beats will electrify any audience.

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