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Foley is an up and coming artist whose vocal style and colorful arrangements maintain a musical through-line for his varied genre's. As only a singer/songwriter can do, he has plumbed the depths of his creativity to find words and music to express life's experiences. Connor Foley Shambrook, alternatively known as Foley, grew up in Orange County, California. Connor's father, an Australian musician, and his mother, a Canadian dancer, both found it important that Connor learn to express himself through piano and voice. By the time Connor was eleven, he already had his heart set on creating and performing his own music. "Foley" originally started out as a band of five middle-schoolers who played music together for many years. By their Senior year in High School the commitment of the other band members had waned and it left Foley needing to make some decisions for his future. Foley wasted no time and began writing and recording every opportunity he could. He recorded in his bedroom, kitchen, living room, and garage, he would have written and recorded on the roof if he could have. Foley released two EPs to iTunes, one in 2010 and the second in 2012. They are currently available for free (see links). Shortly after their release, Connor began writing for his debut full length album, "Foley: Part I & II". From the winsome (The Killers-esque) pop/rock tune, "Los Angeles" to the folksy and hauntingly familiar, "Feels Like Home", Foley draws you into his world; a world of love lost, love gained and family. Musicians from LA to Nashville contributed to the project, even the Vanderbilt Melodores got in on the act to add flavor of some background vocals on the song, "Los Angeles". This album is set to be released early July of 2013.

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