The Howling Hex

The Howling Hex

Out of the desert and into the mountains, The Howling Hex are on the move once again, upping the ante by lowering the body count. One guitar, one bass and one voice are threaded through a multitrack recording unit to create this strain of Hex. The New Border Sound rolls north, absorbing new tribes as they appear on the scanner

The Crux

About The Crux
The Gang

...handcuffed to a mason jar of ancient sourdough starter, Timmy Redface had met his match until from on high a brown hatted galahad sallied forth and stormed yon gates of banal custom and paperwork and through and through sawed a harmonica tune, a dirge, a parade that called into being the fermented yeast of CRUX. Together these songmen forced criminals at gunpoint to join their merry band and help them stir and bake the precious dough of music and legend. Lind-say, priestess of the ivories was the first misbegotten bruiser to pull the chain and wail. Then came Dominic the Daring, who with much gusto slew the hungry beast of Shred and carried Madgie into the tomb again. Thank God. Aylan of the Bass was tricked into climbing aboard our ship wielding a deadly sword of ice. Our songs are punctuated by the jazz stylings and vocal armory of Zoer the Mower, formerly known as The Ravishing Flup. Then (oh no) Lindser and Aylan were transported through a devil deal to far reaches and we wandered... But (hurrah) The Briggs Man showed up in a poof of digital smoke and the Crux were off again to skewer you with music. Before long we gathered the talented barnacles of Adam (iconoclastic drums) and Ross (madman recording) and the heavens shook with delight. And then exit Briggs and enter Good Brother Justin W, with a mind like a musical onion. Rumour has it that Rae, mistress of the realm of Binah, will soon be joining us on the rampant stage. We are bringing the slow rot and we hope to meet you soon. Goodnight and joy be with us when we pass -THE CRUX

Spring 2007- Opened at John Courage's CD Release
Summer 2007- Heavily featured in a documentary called "Pharmakon"
Fall 2007- Organize and perform in The Insect Carnival, a 3-day festival
Winter 2007- Opened for The Devil Makes Three
Fall 2008- Organize and perform the 2nd Insect Carnival
Fall 2008- Played main stage at Santa Rosa's Hand Car Regatta
Winter 2008- Won North Bay Bohemian's "Best Indie Band of 2008"
Winter 2008- Named in the "Top 10 Live Shows of 2008" by Bohemian
Spring 2009- Release of first full-length album, "Now, Ferment"
Summer 2009- "Lost at Sea" West Coast and Southwest tour
Fall 2010- Perform in 2nd Hand Car Regatta
Winter 2010- Organize and perform in The North Bay Hootenanny

A few quotes from The North Bay Bohemian's review of The Crux's first album: "The Crux belong in barns, clanging away with armloads of rusted chains, wailing through cheap electric bullhorns, hoisting ancient portable cassette players in the air and pressing play, pressing the buttons half-sewn onto last century's dresses and defrocking the eternal mystery of theater." The article also calls The Crux's music "Doc Watson-by-way-of-Joe-Strummer," which seems fitting to us.

Gabe Meline, Associate Editor of The Bohemian, wrote an article where he recalls the best live shows of 2008. In this article, he names two Crux shows: "At the Boogie Room, watching members of the Crux lead a holy-rolling revival in the dead of night, inside a cold barn, rousing classics like 'Mary Don't You Weep' by candlelight and baptizing the congregation with water; then, later, watching them shout through bullhorns, rattle large chains and cause the floorboards of the barn to nearly buckle under the weight of the enraptured crowd. Faith in ramshackle theater."

Santa Rosa's Hand Car Regatta calls The Crux, "An ancient sourdough starter of jazz stylings and vocal armory fermenting through stormy dirges and a hungry skewering of folksy ramblings with a rot-gut honky tonk soul."

Hawaiian Winter Music Reviews says, "What stands out the most with this band as opposed to other folk/blues groups that I've encountered lately is the range of feels that they navigate through with apparent ease."

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