The Denzels

The Denzels

The Brooklyn based quintet had a busy Spring opening for bands like Cloud Nothings and Howler. The songs are absolutely pop at heart, with endearing hooks and jangly guitars, but there's an edge that makes them emanate a New York kind of cool. The music is by no means a daunting or pretentious hipness, the tunes are astoundingly accessible with vintage elements from yesteryear; citing The Smiths and '50s girl groups as influences while pulling in modern peers such as Deerhunter into the mix. Download their latest EP, Easy Tiger, for free on their bandcamp site.

Cool Serbia

Cool Serbia formed in 2010 as three friends whose past musical projects include Austin, TX bands Ringo Deathstarr, International Waters, and Low Line Caller. A bunch of shows later, including a ton of performances during the 2011-2012 SXSW music festivals and a tour of the East Coast, and after a modest amount of internet buzz from blogs like NYLON daily and Impose Magazine, they've relocated to Brooklyn in anticipation of the release of their debut EP.
Cool Serbia draws their influence from a diverse list of bands and artists encompassing everything from The Zombies to The Jesus and Mary Chain, and the result is a completely unique sound that seems both contemporary and timeless.
Live, they've gained a reputation for delivering pop in the loudest way possible, blasting jangly guitars through 100 watt Fender amps at near-uncomfortable volumes with pounding rock and roll beats that are impossible not to at least think about dancing to.
The band has plans to release their first EP in the Fall of 2012, to be quickly followed with another United States tour.

The Teen Age

Formed in Brooklyn during the Winter of 2012, The Teen Age plays a mix of 70's punk and indie garage. Their song "Evil" was recorded at the new Silent Barn in Bushwick, BK and was produced by members of the group Ava Luna. Humming with youthful defiance and grounded in psych, the track serves as an exciting precursor to a debut EP currently in the works.

When you’re seeking out powerful rock n’ roll, you search below the surface. There is the shiny and pristine and then there is the subterranean and the primitive. The latter journey will take you across tequila-tangled guitar lines bashed out in basements all across America. This is where you’ll find El Sportivo & The Blooz, a crew who understand the necessity of rawness, urgency, and the sacral strength of working under dim light.



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