Dance Gavin Dance

Dance Gavin Dance is an American post-hardcore band formed in Sacramento, California in 2005. They released four full length studio albums and one EP. Their latest effort, Downtown Battle Mountain II was released on March 8, 2011.

Abandon All Ships

Completely turning the modern music scene upside down with their unique mix of hardcore, euro and dance, Abandon All Ships spent 2009 heavily touring North America on the release of their self-titled/self released debut EP. The band didn't slow down in 2010, recording their debut full length 'Geeving' in between tours with Protest The Hero, & A Skylit Drive. Releasing their first single 'Take One Last Breath' in June, the band hit the road again with Drop Dead Gorgeous. Gearing up for the release of the album, the band released the single 'Megawacko2.0' and went on a full US tour with We Came As Romans.

On October 5th the highly anticipated full length Geeving was released and debuted at #27 on Billboard. The band launched the record with a coast-to-coast headline tour of Canada, following that tour with another full US tour supporting Miss May I.

With a 3rd video down the pipe for the title track "Geeving", Abandon All Ships show no signs of slowing down in 2011.

Reverend Crow

An awful racket of hard pressed strings and precision beat patterns melting the face of standard quality.

We are Stolas [stoh-less] from Las Vegas, NV. We have an EP titled "Losing Wings" that is now available under our Music tab.

Incredible Me

There are more than a few surprises up Incredible' Me's collective sleeve. The Sacramento sextet can slip from an irresistible pop melody into a moshpit-parting groove. Mind you, this happens while Jaime "The Naked Drummer" Templeton is pounding the kit furiously in nothing but his briefs, vocalist David Jones is screaming bloody murder, and femme fatale guitarist Lexie Olsen is shredding her fretboard to bits alongside her six-string cohort Christian Shroyer. Rounding out this inimitable attack, other shimmering vocals come from bassist Alex Strobaugh and Keyboardist Dillon Jones. There's no one more dynamic or Incredible within heavy music right now…

Even more impressive, this was all born over the course of one year leading up to their full-length debut for Artery Recordings/Razor & Tie—Est. 2012. In that eponymous year, David and Jaime got together to jam in the latter's garage. Both had recently parted ways with their former local bands, and they wanted to pursue a different path together. Pulling Lexie from David's previous outfit, they stumbled upon their sound one fateful evening, penning the song "Moments from Melodies".

"Everything just made sense when we got together," recalls Jaime. "I'm super into pop music, and the rest of the band loves heavy music. We wanted to concoct the perfect mixture. You can hardcore dance to it, but you can also feel the emotion and heart in the lyrics. We all bring something distinct to the table, and we inspire each other."

Struck by "Moments from Melodies" and "From the Ground Up," The Artery Foundation reached out to the band and signed them before their first intensely, incendiary show at Northern California haunt Ace of Spades. Soon after, they hit the studio with producer Colby Wedgeworth and emerged with the ten songs comprising the collection.

The first single "Divine Departure" begins with a dreamy guitar passage before snapping into a destructively distinct stomp and then an elegant acoustic bridge. In addition to being the perfect introduction to the group, it's also especially close to all of their hearts. David lost a very close friend that he grew up from kindergarten through high school and wanted to write a deep passionate song about it. He had never experienced unexpected loss of someone so close like that before and it was difficult to get over - R.I.P Anthony Hernandez. Alex also lost loved ones and the song is about overcoming the five steps of grief - R.I.P Amber Lane.

"It's a really heartfelt song," admits Jaime. "We all have lost people close to us and we wanted to write a song about getting through loss. It's about getting through the steps of grief. We've all been there, but you can't give up. You always have to keep living and fighting."

At the same time, Incredible' Me have no problem getting down and dirty. "Sexy Out Loud" is a sweaty and slippery bedroom anthem punctuated by shimmering hooks and pulsating electronics.

"It's our party song," smiles Jaime. "It's about drinking alcohol and having sexual intercourse with protection, and under adult supervision, after we went to church and washed our grandma's car. It's funny but extremely catchy. "

Live, don't be surprised Jaime living up to his nickname "The Naked Drummer" or to find David smack dab in the middle of the pit. That unpredictability contributes to their fascinating persona and makes for a hell of a show.

Just like the music itself, their moniker is multi-layered. "I named the Band Incredible Me because I wanted the name to be inspiring and have a big meaningful word in it. So I chose the word incredible and thought that it was perfect, and while I was thinking of the names the movie "Despicable Me" was on and it just snapped and I thought "Incredible' Me. To me the name Incredible' Me means that I can do anything. I am Incredible and nothing can stop me, nothing can tear me down. I also wanted people to be able to look at the name and think the same thing, anyone and everyone is capable of doing what they want in life, and they should never, ever let anyone tell them they can't. That's also why we call our fans Incredible Yous" explains Jaime.

Est. 2012 is equally inspiring, and that's why Incredible' Me will have everyone singing along. "I want it to put a smile on people's faces," concludes Jaime. "I want them to hear it and feel like they can do anything. That's what my favorite records did for me."

You Only Live Once

You Only Live Once is a post hardcore female fronted band from Los Angeles, CA who started in September of 2010. Fronted by screamer STEPHANIE ISIS and singer ARIEL SANSON who were also seen on the tv shows THE X FACTOR and AMERICAS GOT TALENT. Guitars are done by VALENTINE and JAFFY VALKYRIE. Drums are done by JARED SALAZAR and bass is played by LOUIS! were a new up and coming band who are looking to be heard and make an impact in our music scene!

$14.00 - $16.00


The Roxy Theatre is an all ages, general admission, standing room only venue. If you are under 21 you must purchase a $3 food and beverage coupon at the door. For VIP accommodations, please e-mail VIP@THEROXY.COM. If tickets are not available on this site please contact The Roxy Theatre box office at 310-278-9457. PLEASE NOTE THAT DOORS, SET TIMES AND LINE UP ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE. YOU MUST BRING A VALID PHOTO ID TO PICK UP YOUR TICKETS AT WILL CALL.

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