Shining is a Norwegian band that started out as an acoustic jazz quartet in 1999. Their sound has since become more experimental and extreme, incorporating elements from metal and progressive rock as well as 19th and 20th century classical music.[6]

Chameleon Conductor

Chameleon Conductor is a Los Angeles based progressive rock band that blends the eclectic flavors of its members into their unique brand of "cocktail rock." What began as a simple email brought a group of musicians together to write. Not knowing where they would end up, their musical and personal chemistry was, however, undeniable. After forming a set and playing their first few shows in LA, they joined forces with producer Shavo Odadjian of System of a Down.
Since then the band has performed at renowned LA venues like El Rey Theater, The Key Club, The Roxy, The Whiskey A Go Go, and The Viper Room as well as shared the stage with acts such as Snot, Mix Master Mike, The Apex Theory, Wu-Tang Clan, Money Mark, Viza, and members of System of a Down.
With a live show that features special guests as well as visuals, Chameleon Conductor's sound is one that evokes the influences of its members from across the musical spectra—fusing them into a fresh, soothingly aggressive sound that is completely their own.
The band is releasing their debut EP, entitled "Pings Home" (produced by Shavo Odadjian) at this show!

Dot Connect

Dot Connect is a tribe of 6 San Fernando Valley musicians formed in 2012. With their art in a state of continuous evolution, the collective blends elements of their favorite genres with a dynamic finesse.

Dot Connect's self titled debut E.P., arranged by Serj Tachyon and produced by Adam Howe, draws upon the talents of several local artists. While the E.P. features Howe on bass and lead vocalist Laurence Prophet, it was not until the completion of this album in early 2013 that the final 3 members, Chris Razze, Mandel Canter, and Sydney Easton, permanently joined the project and transformed it into what it is today. The result marks the beginning of a journey- from the depths of the philosophical and existential crevices of the world to the mundane and the absurd. Where intricate instrumental passages creep along, haunted by the lullaby of chilling harmonies. And it is here that their personalities dissolve into an eclectic culmination of sound and poetry.

Principal Spinach

Principal Spinach out of LA, is a three piece from Northern and Southern California. Each member comes from a different musical background, but when they're together they create a hybrid of funk, hard rock, jazz, and avant garde genres. All this while still maintaining accessibility, a very full sound, and just plain old good song writing. Even when their sound gets aggressive, it's somehow soulful, gritty, and warm. A great band to see live.

The group just released their second album together entitled, "Clockwork" (Aug2012) Catch them live in LA or on their West Coast Tour over March and April. Look for their third record "iii" to drop later this Summer (2013) !!!

$16.00 - $18.00


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