Born and raised in the Bay Area, Dirt Nasty started rappin' on karaoke machines at the age of 14. He grew up listening to Too Short, Geto Boys, Black Sabbath, Metallica, Terence Trent D'Arby, and Sade.

Never having a father figure to look up to, he learned about the game, the streets, and the ladies from his record collection. Hollywood is now his home, where he found and started his 3 man group "Dyslexic Speedreaders" (which also includes Mickey Avalon and Andre Legacy).

Dirt Nasty produced and was featured on the cult hit "My Dick" which was featured on Mickey Avalon's debut self-titled Interscope release and has been licensed in numerous film and TV shows including: "Harold & Kumar: Escape From Guantanamo Bay," HBO's series "Hung" & "Entourage", and the upcoming film, "The Rebound." Dirt has also produced tracks for The Living Legends, Mickey Avalon, Andre Legacy, Pittsburgh Slim and numerous others.

Dirt Nasty released his self titled, debut album in 2008 on the label he co-owns, Shoot To Kill Music. You can get it now on I-Tunes and all other digital outlets across the globe (c/o IODA online distribution) as well as through the CIMS network (Coalition of Independent Music Stores) of retail stores across the country.

For a quick lesson in the world of Dirt Nasty and to both see (his online videos have amassed millions of views) and hear his raunchy reports from Hollywierd, check out his MySpace (

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Beardo was named by a drunk. He was born in Harlem, and grew up in Allentown, PA. One day Beardo's step-dad threw his white bunny rabbit against the wall because the rabbit took a shit in the house.

Beardo moved to Los Angeles to make it. He was broke when he got here and not much has changed. Living in a box in Van Nuys, in a pieced together home studio, Beardo was listening to a crazy fuzz base line he had previously recorded. He wrote "Girls, Girls, Girls, and Pills and Pills". . Beardo is loyal to the cause and to his fans. Stand with me Lets roll america

Ever since he was 10 years old, Tayyib Ali has been tearing up the rap scene waiting to hit it big. His story begins in the hoods of his hometown, North Philadelphia, PA in 2002. Highly recognized among college students across the America, Tayyib has dominated the college scene for years and has been steadily growing in popularity. He has released three major mixtapes titled, “Eighteen,” and “Keystone State of Mind 1&2.” Tayyib has built most of his fan base himself amassing millions of YouTube views, countless write ups, and performing shows across the country. He has toured with the likes of: Diplo, Wiz Khalifa, Mac Miller, Shwayze, Dvbbs, ASAP Rocky, Logic, Hoodie Allen, Mod Sun, Travis Scott, Machine Gun Kelly & Cisco Adler." Tayyib plans to release his latest project this Summer entitled, "Keyston3."

Super Groupie

Nestled in the heart of Suburban San Diego Super Groupie consists of singer/producer Austin Steele, rapper Josh Mcneal, and singer Alex Perez. Since 2011 these three young men have been collaborating to create a hybrid of today's popular music.Their influences range from Outkast, to Sublime, to the Beatles. With no boundaries on their music Super Groupie is a unique, breath of fresh air in today's pop culture.

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