Moonstriker, North Broad


- Moonstriker -

A harmonious blend of various styles unite to define

Moonstriker as something familiar yet new to the ear.
Moonstriker is a four piece power house fueled by their shared desire to
push the limits of their creativity while still remaining relevant.

With the combination of their prophetic message, the wailing guitars,
the dirty bass lines and their relenteless battle drums, Moonstriker
delivers their music with pure passion and honesty creating a live
experience you can't help but be drawn into. Moonstriker embodies
the true spirit of rock and roll, something now a days seems to be rare..
So don't miss your opportunity to be apart of something real and come
enjoy the music.

Joel DeMartino - Vocals
Ethan Sharp - Guitar
Cody Bolt - Bass
Colin Tevis - Drums

North Broad

Moldy basement, drop tuned guitars, lack of ambiguity. The latest attempt at sloppy punk rock in the city of brotherly love.

Left of Logic

"Left of Logic" (formerly "Your Electric Instinct") is a eclectic trio
consisting of Dan Townsend on keys, Austen Goodman on bass guitar, and Tim Knowlton on percussion. Our music started as impromptu house-show performances and grew into refined musical acts at local venues in West Chester and Philadelphia. Because our music originated in audience support, creating music that acknowledges the audience as an
essential part of the environment is and will always be a priority of the group. Using modern electronic influences while staying true to the raw quality of live rock performance makes for a swirl of sound from the future and the past. We need to keep restless feet moving and eager heads grooving!


In the town of West Chester, Pennsylvania, a group of unsuspecting humans found themselves united by the common need for a mediocre job to aid in paying for school and rent. Over time, these seemingly unrelated individuals found themselves enjoying each other's company while watching mediocre television and walking to 7/11 to eat crap food at 1 AM. It was then that a band was formed, a band so f
antastic and awesome that all other bands pale in comparison, excluding of course Led Zeppelin, Queen, Pink Floyd, Portugal. The Man, Black Sabbath, AC/DC, Nickelback, Boston, Metallica, The Sheepdogs, Creed, Kansas, Aerosmith, 3 Doors Down, Pearl Jam, Hoobastank, Nirvana, and brilliant and eloquent stylings of Nicki Minaj.

$8.00 - $10.00


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