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L.A.'s Y LUV may be fairly new to the music scene but they're already well on their way to earning spots on iPods and party playlists with recent songs like the electro-rock anthem "Keep It Rollin'." Young but hardworking, the quintet's latest single is a nice expansion on their sound from the previous EP "How Chill Can You Let Go." Similarly to their first single, "All Night," which featured a sparse intro with a heavy bass line that built up to soaring chorus, "Keep It Rollin'" initially keeps listeners in suspense only to lead into an eclectic burst of intricate guitar lines and synthesized beats designed for fist-pumping. However, if you could do with less electro components, "Earthquakes" is also a recommended track in which strong vocals and bright guitar riffs dominate.---Buzzbands.la

La La La Birdtime

La La La Birdtime is a cross between Judy Garland and PJ Harvey, fronted by Alisha Fraher, the primary songwriter and guitarist of the band, who brings dark sultry lyrics and bright lighthearted melodies with an edgy folk-pop sensibility. La La La Birdtime is part of an inspirational community for eclectic songwriters called the Beachwood Rockers' Society, regularly performing at Crane's Hollywood Tavern.


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