Sarah Potenza

Sarah Potenza

Hailing from Rhode Island, Sarah Potenza took her passion for performing and her powerful voice to Chicago in 2003 where she formed Sarah & The Tall Boys. The band spent years on the road showcasing Potenza’s monster vocals and her honest reflective songwriting. They quickly became a regular staple on the club and festival circuit.

Nine years and three self-penned albums later, Sarah left the band and made her way to Nashville (East Nashville to be more precise) with her husband Ian Crossman to be a part of the booming Americana music scene and to make a name for herself.

That same passion for performing, authentic, heart-felt songwriting about real-life and that undeniable voice quickly put Music City on notice. In just over a year, Potenza has earned a spot among East Nashville royalty. She has performed and toured with the likes of Todd Snider, Elizabeth Cook, Jim Lauderdale, Kevin Gordon and Derek Hoke while managing to land several coveted slots such as a feature performance at the historic and world renowned Bluebird Café and the globally broadcast Music City Roots program

Currently, while not on tour, Sarah Potenza is working on her fourth album, which she is co-writing with Ian Crossman and booking shows across the country with her new band!

Derek Hoke

Derek Hoke has crafted a collection of equally endearing and infectious songs for his long awaited sophomore release – Waiting All Night. Out August 21, 2012 on Electric Western / Thirty Tigers, Waiting All Night picks up right where Hoke left off with his first release Goodbye Rock N Roll. There is a significant difference here though. If Goodbye Rock N Roll was slow crafted, simmered in Hoke’s brain on low, and came to life on a lazy saw dust floor one night in town, then Waiting All Night was born under the lights on stage. It’s clear that Hoke and his band have been affected by the past years of playing week after week. Nashville has a way of doing that to a singer. A way of molding a voice around the lingering smoke and whiskey hanging in the air night after night. And first and foremost, Derek Hoke is a singer. The songs, even the ballads, reach out and yearn for a late night in a dark room. It’s the same feeling you get when you leave the house at 2am to catch last call…because if you don’t you might miss something. You might miss the steel guitar or meandering piano solos and telecaster riffs. Well, get out of the house, because you won’t want to miss a tune on Waiting All Night.

Born in Brunswick Georgia - a self taught guitarist, composer, singer, and loner - Derek's first love was the theatrics of KISS, but not until his Grandfather planted the country music seed in his brain by playing it constantly while he was young. Not your dad's country, your granddad's country. The REAL country.

Kevin Gordon

Over the course of twenty years of writing, recording and touring, Kevin Gordon has built an impressively consistent catalog of songs, a critically-acclaimed stack of albums, and a reputation for dynamic live performances that make first-time listeners life-long fans.


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