Elos Arma, Steven Paul, Andrew Duhon

"Their most recent EP Mother/Father has some amazing sonic textures to it, while sticking to the bands indie rock roots. Rich vocals —crooning at times —are complimented with cool harmonies and melodic keyboards which take you back and forth from sixties elevator music to outer space. Mother/Father is far more complex than just your ordinary indie rock EP." - Salacious Sound

Steven Paul

Steven Paul is a 24 year old acoustic folk artist located in Southern New Jersey. Music has been a huge part of Steven's life since he was little. He first picked up a guitar in 2004 and hasn't stopped playing since then. Inspiration for his music has come a long way and from many different aspects; other music, feelings, faith, personal experience, etc. Since taking his music to a new level in 2010, Steven has written and recorded a full length album entitled "Seasons" at Ivy Studios in Pine Hill, NJ, which was later released in December of 2011. After the release, the word got out a little bit and College Radio Stations have played his material as well as Love FM which is a UK based internet radio station. In February of 2012 he won his first battle of the bands at Arcadia University where he won the opportunity to open for Young The Giant at the schools Spring Concert. Following that, he has played countless shows at various different kind of venues. In August of 2012 he embarked on a two week journey up and down the east coast on the "Coming Alive" tour, alongside Nismah Osman. He was also just recently featured in Highlight Magazine as one of their featured artist of the month. He recently just released his second full length, "From The Heart".

Andrew Duhon

Andrew Duhon is a New Orleans native, raised in the country's most unique and mysterious city. A city that accepts all walks of life with a curiosity and forgiveness that has found its way into his wholly American songwriting. A Blues & Folk influenced singer/songwriter, Duhon shares his love of American History, it's struggles, triumphs, and impulses through his music. Whether its love that crosses color lines, a family challenged by life's unexpected turns or the woeful tale of a city left to drown, Duhon brings his audience into the most intimate of spaces through his storytelling.


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