Killa Theory, Thank You Scientist, And The Traveler, Strange Changes

Killa Theory

Dat Beat is Kyle Turner (DJ Killa Theory) and David Dahlquist (Dahlquist); two prolific, Brooklyn-based DJ / Producers who have joined forces to create some of the hardest-hitting dance music of the year. Drawing from the modern dance styles of Electro House, Dubstep and Moombahton, Dat Beat combines these influences to create deep, cutting-edge dance music that sounds as pristine on your headphones as it does on the dance floor.

Thank You Scientist

Tom Monda (fretted and fretless guitar) Shamisen, Odin Alvarez (drums)

With more time changes than a broken pocket watch, and more hooks than a tackle box, this group of ambitious young lads from New Jersey is getting quite a bit of attention lately, and with good reason! "A seven piece monster" collectively playing roughly 20 instruments, Thank You Scientist has a hyper-composed sound much indebted to the band members' experience and formal training in both classical and jazz idioms. TYS has been mesmerizing live audiences since their inception in 2010. Dubbed "the top unsigned act in the Tri-State area" shortly after the release of their EP, The Perils of Time Travel, the band hasn't slowed down a bit. During June of 2012, the band released their first full length record, Maps of Non-Existent Places, an album funded by fans from all over the world via a highly successful Kickstarter campaign. The album is a stunning collage of influences. Picture Incubus, Coheed and Cambria, and Steely Dan on a train with Frank Zappa as the conductor colliding into the Mahavishnu Orchestra leaving the Beatles and King Crimson to assemble the wreckage. Does this make sense to you? It shouldn't, but take one listen and call us in the morning. Familiar, yet undeniably unique. Complex, yet accessible. This is post-genre music at it's finest

And The Traveler

...consists of Josh Goldberg, Max Johl and Tom Corrado. Together they strive to create something previously unheard, combining the familiar to make new, and just making new to make new. They are modern day bards, trying to relay stories through their music and striving for excellence in both their story-telling and their musicianship. They take influences from everywhere, ranging from Bach, Debussy and Coltrane to RX Bandits, Animals as Leaders and King Krimson. They are progressive, they are jazzy, they are rock and they are here to tell you their story.

Strange Changes

Strange Changes is an eclectic eight piece rock band comprised of musicians from the Boston music scene. Residing in Allston, they mix elements of American popular music with classical, jazz, metal, and more, in the tradition of the great American pop composers Frank Zappa and Charles Mingus.
LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, gather round and summon your courage, for you are on the precipice of an experience you won't soon forget! An entertainment spectacle not suited for children, the elderly, pregnant women or Nickelback fans! In the sewers and back alleys of Allston Rock City potent and perverted musical forces have given birth to a Monster… an EIGHT-HEADED FREAK that has a long and sordid history of savage attacks on the cliches of American Popular Music. Spewing half-digested remnants of metal riffage, bebop licks, and soul grooves, the Beast is as unpredictable as It is ugly. Local residents must remain on their guard, for It is known to seduce Its listeners with soothing siren songs, catchy melodies, and danceable grooves, only to viciously and suddenly attack the eardrums with bile-spewing FREE JAZZ and MATH ROCK MELTDOWNS. Rumored to have nurtured Itself on wastewater flowing from prominent local Music Institutions, the Monster has acquired a voracious appetite for new genres to dismember and new crowds to shock and entertain. Hear Ye, Hear Ye! In the grand tradition of luminous musical freak shows such as ZAPPA and the MOTHERS, CHARLES MINGUS, and MR. BUNGLE, I present… t



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