Old Soul

Old Soul

Old Soul is a folk rock band from Maine. About to release their second album, they are on a month long tour with a 6 piece band including horn, piano and accordion. A unique blend of styles to create an original sound.

The Bell Cycle

The Bell Cycle is a two headed monster hell-bent on bringing the All Encompassing Universal Vibration of Love Light (AEUVLL) to all forms of sentient life on this planet. It bears within it the living souls of Isabel Castellvi and Rob Chamberlain. Multi-instrumentalists both, the two pluck cello strings, shred guitar strings, batter drums, sing, and transmit digital samples of sound waves they've collected throughout their lifetimes to further shed Love Light wherever they may traverse. It is truly a wonder of nature.

The music made by The Bell Cycle is at times pleasant; nurturing, but that doesn't mean it doesn't rock. It rocks plenty. In it's Brooklyn habitat, it can be seen drawing unsuspecting humans into its presence with melodious strings, infectious beats and vocal harmonies that induce a widespread sense of unfounded well-being. Often, it will then bewilder its prey by emitting a nonsensical string of noise that defies all bounds of sonic temperament. Few have been known to escape unscathed.

In short The Bell Cycle could be said to love everything and everyone with an earnest intensity not seen elsewhere in the natural world, if it could be said to love at all. In the coming days, the first known recordings of this otherworldly oddity will be unleashed on planet Earth for the first time. It is titled "Paid By the Word". You can learn more about that (including how to obtain it before the rest of humanity) at thebellcycle.com and on Facebook.

Katie Mullins

A former opera singer and actress, Katie Mullins released her debut album Pastoral in 2009, establishing herself as a singer/songwriter who moves beyond the typical ‘girl with guitar’ mold. On Wedding, her second album, released in 2013, she sings with the same rich voice and uses unexpected instruments like the mbira, a thumb-piano in the Zimbabwean tuning that she made herself, in addition to a baritone ukulele and keyboards. Her music is ‘as unassuming as it is ambitious’ with its ‘haunting vocal layering’ and dream-like lyrics, creating a mood that seems simultaneously imaginary and real. Wedding is a collection of songs about life and dreams, and about loves labors as they are growing and as they get lost…about things coming together even as they fall apart.

Mullins recorded Wedding at a tucked-away basement studio in Bushwick, Brooklyn, called Japam Studios. Engineering team and brothers, Peter Wadsworth and Sam Wadsworth worked with Mullins to help her produce some of the more elaborate sounds and arrangements that set this album apart from her debut. Nick Kinsey of Elvis Perkins in Deerland, played drums, Mike Irwin of Low Anthem played horns, and James Waldo, of Spirits of the Red City played cello.

Adrianne Lenker



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