The Phix Celebrating the music of Phish w/ Private Gripweed Playing the music of The Beatles

The Phix

The Philosophy of Phix

It all boils down to this: PHISH has given us some of the most powerful and creative music that our generation has seen. PHIX is made up of four musicians in Colorado who have been profoundly inspired by their music, not only as musicians, but as human beings. Rather than trying to imitate the original (as is typically the case with tribute bands), Phix attempts, in our own humble way, to recreate the special energy and spontaneity of a live Phish concert.

Phix is not Phish. Obviously, it would be impossible for a tribute band to capture the unique, quirky personality of this band that has been so important to so many people, including ourselves. We do not look like them; we do not imitate them Vegas-style (although our drummer has been known to wear a mumu and goggles around the house once in a while). We try to play the songs accurately, of course (even the hard ones), but most importantly we try to capture the spirit in which the music is intended, which we believe is for it to sound fresh and unique every time it is played. Phish's songs are masterfully created with that in mind--they provide a springboard for improvisation and exploration that can lead the band into fresh territory night after night. This is true of all great music, from Beethoven symphonies to Miles Davis standards--the music sounds fresh every time because there is space for each performer to be individually creative and expressive within it.

All of us who have experienced Phish know that what lies at the heart of it all is the incredible amount of energy that is exchanged between the band and the audience at a live show. And that's the true goal of Phix--to try our best to recreate that energy so that we can share it with audiences who are clearly thirsting for it. While we would never claim to be able to truly recreate the original, we do think we can bring a respectable version of it into intimate settings for a low price at a time when live Phish shows are no longer available.

Phix has been together for over three years now, and it has been a truly amazing experience for all of us. We have all become vastly better musicians since the band started, and we have all shared some powerful musical experiences at our shows. We want to thank all of the people who have been coming to our shows--we would not be doing this if it weren't for your support and enthusiasm. And most of all, we want to thank the guys in Phish for the universe of music that they have created. It has been a pleasure and a privilege for us to be able to share in the groove!

Private Gripweed

Private Gripweed is a Boulder Quintet that transforms the most beloved repertoire of The Beatles into a powerful, energetic and virtuosic live show.

Private Gripweed is not your average Beatles Tribute band with mop tops playing album versions of "Love Me Do" and "Please Please Me". The Boulder Quintet that has everyone buzzing goes well beyond the confines of a typical tribute by transforming the melodic hooks and psychedelic flare of the Fab Four into the power and spontaneity of the live stage. Many of the Beatles most exciting compositions from Revolver to Abbey Road were delectably recorded but never heard in concert. Now, with the technical prowess, versatility and craftsmanship of Boulder musicians Chris Shepherd (A4Animal), Phil Johnson (Jet Edison), Andy Fox (Jababa), Aaron Bagby (Honey Comb) and Walter Palmer (session player) these cherished songs can be heard with an excitement and vibrance not witnessed since the very first turn of the records. Private Gripweed has taken the painstaking effort to dutifully interpret their predecessors artistic vision with a show that is as energetic as it is sonically rich and diverse, capturing the listener in a world The Beatles and George Martin never shared with you.

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