The Grain with Corey Tyler & Saffell

Corey Tyler

Originally from Louisville Kentucky, Corey brings a bit of the South to his acoustic shows, playing a variety of covers from The Eagles to Pearl Jam and everything in between...with a few surprises thrown in. This isn't your typical coffee shop acoustic show, he comes to rock!

A mainstay of the Petaluma Rock scene, The Grain has gained notoriety with local music lovers who flock to Sonoma County's best venues to jam with P-Town's most powerful quartet. Guitarist and songwriter, Pete Delaney (Avocado Sundae), has played his special blend of jammin' Rock and Blues up and down the West Coast for over two decades. He is backed by the classically trained Graham Stearns (Tacklebox) who lays down some serious bass, local guitar God, Erik Stieg (SwampThang), and the baddest bad ass drummer, Sean England (Critical MEasures/Incubators). If you love classic rock with a twist of funky grooves and an energetic crowd to party with.... The Grain is a sure bet for a balanced diet of music fun!

Saffell Duo

When you see the stage set up; piano, bass and drums, you would never guess what a full, funky and fantastic sound is about to be produced by just these three. Saffell is a dynamic, original trio with singer/songwriter Saffell Sproul on keys/lead vocals, Doug Hafich on bass/back up vocals, and Bill O'Donnell on drums. The band resides in California's North Bay and is quickly building a loyal fan base.

These original songs sound fresh, brand new and yet timeless at the same time. Saffell's vocals have a wonderfully unique tone, recognizable and inviting. Doug Hafich brings it up a notch with well placed harmonies blending perfectly with Saffell. Saffell's attack on the piano is both funky and graceful bringing as much rhythm as it does melody. These songs defy easy classification while pulling from blues, funk, pop, and rock. The playing in both the drums and the bass are great examples of musicians playing exactly what is needed with excellent chops and effortless style.
They all work together for the song, each instrument making room for the other, yet still filling out their place perfectly in the overall groove.

The result of these three players coming together is a soulful, moving musical experience you won’t forget!



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