The Absence

The Absence is an American melodic death metal band from Tampa, Florida. Their style has been described as aggressive thrash metal with Scandinavian metal influences.They were previously signed to Metal Blade Records.

Heavily detuned guitars providing earth shaking riffs engulfed in euphoric, atmospheric ambience, cause your spine to tingle. Pulsing dubstep drops laced with cybernetic synths, shake you with coma inducing bass. Thought provoking lyrics and infectious, anthem-like choruses, shouted by vocalist Josh Anderson, spark a fire inside you that can't be put out.

These unique elements collide in a aural car crash of sorts, leaving the listener with a riveting musical experience that will undoubtedly have them coming back for more.

From The Embrace

From the Embrace is a burning planet thrown out of orbit onto a collision course with heaven itself. Rising from the remnants of the former Death Metal capital of the world, Tampa, Florida, FTE plays a highly technical form of Progressive Death Metal that besets the listener and never relinquishes the nefarious assault.


A thrash revival troupe inspired by the gruff demeanor of actor Rip Torn in the classic film "Freddy Got Fingered".


"We will prevail! WE WILL SUCCEED!!"

Maverick Hunter

Maverick Hunter was born of blood, sweat and booze in the once fertile metal heartland of Tampa Bay. Founding member Jeff Pouring spent years scouring the Florida metal scene searching for a worthy line-up to bring Maverick Hunter to life while simultaneously composing the entirety of the upcoming self-titled release. Get ready Florida, the hunt is on!

Slikk Wikked

Original metal band out of Tampa Fl looking to play shows have fun and thrash with our fans and friends. Metal that is true is becoming few and far between now and days. We do not believe in trying to be "Brutal" or "Fast" or "Technical", We believe in the old school values of writing good fucking songs that the people have been waiting too hear through all the shit MTV is feeding us today. We love what we do and we love to do it for the rockers of our generation that march with us in the fight for metal in a century that is trying to kill it!\m/\m/...But they cant and they wont.....Cause we wont let em and we give em hell!\m/\m/

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$15.00 - $18.00


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