An Under Cover Weekend 7: Night One

An Under Cover Weekend

An Under Cover Weekend is an annual Saint Louis concert series featuring original local bands, not cover bands, performing semi-secret tribute sets. Combining nostalgia with novelty, AUCW pairs specially-selected local musicians with the music of well-known national acts, which then the bands choose either to perform faithfully, note-for-note, or to completely reinterpret an act's greatest hits as if they had written the songs themselves. With fans attending in near-sellout numbers each year, AUCW is the gateway drug to your new favorite local band(s).

The Incurables

It’s medically unlikely that Jimmy Griffin was born with a guitar in his hands, but that instruments been a fairly present part of his life for the past two-decades, a time that’s seen him move from one of St. Louis’ hottest young guitar-slingers, to a sought-after sideman, and into a surprisingly-comfortable and evolving role as a riff-steady songwriter. With his latest project, The Incurables, now rounding into a third year of live work and recording, Griffin’s never been as poised to show the world his multiple talents: as a writer of words and music; as a vocalist; as a bandleader; and someone who’s been able to synthesize all of his past experiences into a tuneful new whole.

Dots Not Feathers

Dots Not Feathers was originally formed as a collaboration between Stephen Baier and Ryan Myers. It soon grew into something much more with the addition of Ravi Raghuram adding vocals and various instrumentation. Lastly with the addition of Katy Durrwachter on piano these four friends from the Midwest became the band you hear today. Add 4 parts vocal harmonies, 2 parts creative instrumentation, 1 part ghost rock piano and 1 part jazz folk guitar parts and you get Dots Not Feathers.

The Defeated County

A creepy and catchy blend of indie rock, pop, and alternative country fronted by song writer Langen Neubacher a folk singer/songwriter from St. Louis Missouri. Her child-like voice belies a frank intensity of theme that seems nearly aggressive in contrast. She is the host and founder of Mic the People for the People, a monthly venue-traveling open mic that benefits local charities.

Search Parties

Search Parties is an ambitious band rife with talent and an ear for the sublime. Its live sets reach glittering, snow-capped heights of polyphonic serenity.


"One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish". Thats where it all began for these four young men on a quest for something they all believe in and dream of at night. Ryan, Peter, and Brad met their first year of highschool. Over the years the band had numerous members but all three always seemed to stick together. During the beginning of their senior year in highschool Brad decided to recruit one of his childhood friends Cale Conrad and bring the band back together. They have written many songs and are practicing and working on playing shows soon. Stay tuned and see what lies ahead for Bluefish on their journey.



$3 minor surcharge at the door

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