Full(Reunion), The Hallow, Set Fire To Reason, Calling All Cars, The Static Age


Hyper melodic post punk power pop from Chicago since 1992

Fred Full - Bass & Vox/
Mike Stone - Guitar/
Rocco Merlo - Drums

The Hallow

Chicago Punk Done Right!

Calling All Cars

Well we've been around about six years now and have been playing here and there ever since. Anywhere from our infamous parties (i.e. 8th St. and "Flintridge") or scattered venues around the Springs (including Industrial Nation, Benny's, 32 bleu, Union Station, H.W. Briggs/Lola's Place, Navajo Hogan,The Black Sheep, The Rocket Room, The Piano Warehouse,The Triple Nickel, etc.). So what's new? We've been working on some up and coming material and perfecting our smiles to upstage world domination. We also plan to visit the studio in the near future and then, shortly after, produce a release. Thanks for stoppin' in and we'll see you at the shows.

The Static Age

Emerging from the idealistic side of punk rock and inspired by the last 30 years of alternative music, The Static Age have evolved their own sound – one that infuses melody, atmosphere, and a pulsating back beat to bring forth an unmistakable urgency and honesty in their songs. The unique weave of Andrew Paley's beautifully weathered vocals and textured guitars and Sarah Rose-Cameron's elegant keyboard melodies sitting atop the backdrop of Adam Meilleur's punchy, chorus-drenched bass and Tim Alek Mulley's tempered drums has resulted in an emotionally resonant and danceable collection of songs that sounds like nothing else before it.

Non-stop US touring and shows with dozens of bands including AFI, Interpol, The Explosion, Hot Hot Heat, and so on and a knack for compelling visuals has fueled widespread recognition. The Static Age have seen their anthem "Vertigo" rise quickly to #1 on FUSE TV's "Oven Fresh," and the band will debut the compelling "Cherry Red" video soon.

Following up on their critically-acclaimed Neon Nights Electric Lives (Tarantulas Records, 2005), the quartet has just released their new album, Blank Screens, via ReIgnition Recordings (The Beautiful Mistake, Drowningman, Ultimate Fakebook). The digital version, available on iTunes, Napster, MTV Urge, Downloadpunk, and elsewhere includes an exclusive remix of one of the tracks ("Trauma") done by Ocelot Mthrfcks, which features members of The Rise (Ferret Music, ReIgnition). Blank Screens is now garnering high praise from critics and bands alike. The Static Age plans to tour worldwide in 2007 to promote the new release.


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