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A Loss For Words

In a world where some bands are handed everything on a silver platter, there's also a place where there's still some hardworking folks left. Boston's own pop-punk outfit, A Loss For Words are at the top of that list. Having released 3 EPs and their full length "The Kids Can't Lose" since 2005, they are a group with unstoppable dedication, hard work, and creativity. A Loss For Words have been regarded by members of Bayside, Four Year Strong and Bane as the hardest working band out there right now. Some people are going to ask what being a hardworking band even means anymore, and those questions are warranted. In a world where Myspace plays have somehow become more important than heart, the line that separates the real from the manufactured has become more than a little blurry. A Loss For Words know where they stand in this sea of blurred lines. A Loss For Words are out there on the road touring ten months out of every year. Not only are they out there playing shows, but are watching younger bands, pushing CD's in the parking lot, shaking hands and putting on one of the most sweat-soaked and honest sets you can find. A Loss For Words sees the wall that stands between them and success and they're not stupid. They know that maybe with some cool haircuts and electric drums there might be an easier way around it, but they've picked the path they've always known, breaking away at the concrete with their bare hands and it shows. I challenge you to find another unsigned band with these achievements: toured with Four Year Strong, Set Your Goals and Polar Bear Club, sold 6000 copies of a record that no one helped them put out, and that went to Japan on a 100% DIY agenda. With A Loss For Words, the guarantee is that no matter what town you live in, these guys will be there this year ready to shake your hand, hang out, rock out and have a good time.

City Lights

Columbus, Ohio based pop punkers City Lights formed in early 2008, and since have established themselves as a band with instantly loveable songs and a live presence to be reckoned with. For their debut EP "Rock Like A Party Star," the guys created songs that have instilled strong connections with their growing fan base. Featuring catchy melodies, explosive drums, and melodic, yet heavy guitars, RLAPS is a must-add to your summer play list. It is sure to bring back fond memories of good times, as well as help create some new ones. Growing up, Oshie (Vocals), Sean (Drums), Joey (Guitar), Jack (Guitar), and Chase (Bass) were just five kids listening to the same music, and that's what sparked their friendships, and led to what City Lights is today. Through their music, the guys want to be able to create those same kinds of friendships, and that's what they've set out to do from the beginning. Since releasing RLAPS, the guys have been touring non stop, including a recent run with Mayday Parade, There For Tomorrow, and The Dangerous Summer. City Lights now plans to return to the studio to record new material for an EP due out this spring. Get stoked!

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