The Takeover

The Takeover

the takeover is a little band from southern ohio. we are also a coagulate of Christians. all of our lyrics are from personal experiences involving God, or are related to our faith in some way.
we've been described as everything from skillet to tool to ozzy to manson, although we don't really agree. we combine a few lighter guitar parts with rediculously heavy music tuned to a low low B, and throw in melodic vocals in a type of music you would expect nothing but screaming and growling. that's not to say we don't have screaming and growling. there's plenty of that to go around, as well.

its hard to describe but we guess we are some form of sub-hardcore/metal something. each of our members get influences from a wide range of musical styles and bands. collectively, we listen to emo, hardcore, death metal, bluegrass, big band, metalcore, straight out rock, almost anything. our music is a mixture of what each of us chooses to borrow from music we listen to. but it usually just ends up being hard. let's face it. if metalcore and emo got in a fight, emo's not going to stand a chance.



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