Ben & Ash, Nikki Lang, Raye, George Krikes

Ben & Ash

Beautifully melodic acoustic singer/songwriter duo.

Ashley Ann Lambert had the privilege of meeting Mr. Ben Kendall in the summer of 2006 on the streets of Santa Barbara. State Street to be exact. Little did she know, two years later, the two would join together to create a mixed sound of Kendall's rustic rock songwriting and Lambert's New York savy classic vocals. Born and raised in Santa Barbara, Benjamin Stowell Kendall found the guitar in the fall of 1999 at age 18. Years later, his rock/western songwriting style is influenced by an abundance of artists such as Bruce Springsteen, the Old 97s, Metalica, and even Sarah Mclachlan. Kendall has played with other local bands such as Wil Ridge and The Dead Horse Opera, Tonedown, and Cutthroat but is now pursuing (at times with the help of Ashley Ann Lambert) his own art. Also born in Santa Barbara, Ashley grew up training classically at the Music Academy of the West developing an operatic and musical theater repertoire. She pursued theater in New York City attending New York University's Tisch School and currently bounces back between both coasts. This is her first experience with singer/songwriter material and she has adapted quite nicely to this new sound.

Nikki Lang combines the elegance of Joni Mitchell, the grit of Alanis Morrisette and the tongue in cheek style of Lily Allen. Poignant lyrics and memorable melodies accent this bright singer/songwriter. Her true musical inspiration is her own songs, which come straight from her personal experiences. Nikki's sings of self-discovery and empowerment that read like a handbook for young women coming of age with crossover appeal to the adult contemporary market.


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