Primer 55

Primer 55

The Louisville, Kentucky-based band hit the ground running, touring with acts such as Slipknot, Staind and Sevendust, while also sharing stages with the likes of Godsmack, P.O.D. and Ozzy Osbourne as part of Ozzfest 2000. As if that didn't keep them busy enough, Primer 55 appeared on The Ozzfest: Second Stage Live CD, recorded a cover of N.W.A.'s "Appetite For Destruction" for Priority's Rebirth of Loud, and contributed a track to WCW Mayhem, the soundtrack for World Championship Wrestling. "The whole year was a like a blur to me," says Primer 55 guitarist Bobby Burns. "As soon as one tour ended, we'd start another. It was the most amazing experienceÑwe were completely blown away by the audiences. We were on the road for several months before the album came out and we consistently got great reactions even though nobody knew who we were. I take great pride in that.

Esh (e-shh!) is an experienced vocalist, guitarist, writer and arranger, who isn't afraid to push buttons when it comes to her music career. Her sound oozes out power and sex appeal with so little effort, the singer says she's been blessed to work with some great singers and musicians that have shared and blessed her with priceless experiences and lessons. "My quest in life," she reveals, "isn't to do anything better or faster than anyone, just to enjoy what I do, and be present in every aspect of life."



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