Burner Bon Voyage w/ Nico Stojan, Uone & more- Tix avail at door

Nico Stojan ( Ouíe / Bar 25 / URSL- Berlin)

Nico Stojan's rise within the Berlin house scene started with a residency inside the famed walls of Bar 25. His sets there always had the Stojan stamp – tech house with modern injections of jazz and soul that honored his past as one of Berlin's best hip hop DJ's.

When Bar 25 closed its doors, new ones had already begun to open, and his deep, almost pensive take on Berlin night music had him spending his weekends playing clubs such as Panoramabar, Watergate and of course, Bar 25's spawn, Katerholzig.

A classically trained clarinette player, he often surrenders its sound live, weaving it through the lusty mood of his sets – it was only natural that he evolved from DJ to producer and soon the Berlin underground were being treated to his own releases on labels such as Highgrade, Connaisseur and Upon You records. Collaborating with other artists has been an important role on his journey - leading to projects and remixes for the likes of Pele, Nicone, Acid Pauli, NU, Philip Bader and Andri to name a few.

With his European successes having taken him all over the continent, Nico's fate pushed him onto an international platform. Venturing to bottom of the earth, he has taken bookings all over the Pacific ocean whilst being the right man for the job in supporting international acts when on tour. In New Zealand he finds solitude in the greenery, a habitat that allows him to produce music in peace before heading back to Berlin for the summer months.

Having had residencies since he was 16 and a feel for music that is apparent through every set and release that makes bloom, this kid from Kreuzberg really has his path set out. I want to say 'watch this space', but we already are.

UOne (Melbourne, Australia)

Uone is one of the most exciting young Dj’s to come out of Australia in recent years. Hailing from Melbourne, djing locally and internationally since early 2000’s, he is signed up with Beef records & Chameleon recordings as a label dj and A&R representative.

In the last decade he performed at countless parties and festivals across the globe, at locations such as Japan, Brazil, Portugal, USA, Canada, Czech Republic, Israel, Germany, Morocco and of course Berlin - his second home. You might have already heard his sets at huge international festivals such as Boom (PT), Glade (UK), Universo Paraleo (BR), Fusion (DE), Denmark Electronik Karnival (DK), Ozora (HU) as well as the prestigious clubs in Tokyo, San Francisco, Prague, Tel Aviv, Los Angeles, Sao Paolo, Berlin, Osaka, Lisbon and many other places. These days is Uone playing a primal brand of deep and twisted dance music. He draws on elements from progressive, minimal, techno, and house, being not afraid to cross genres.

Uone has also been focusing on developing his studio skills and collaborating with renowned producers such as Shades of Gray, Nicone and Moonbeam. With Shades Of Gray he co-produced the successful Katoomba EP (Tonkind) that got into playlist of big international jocks such as Luciano, Wehba, Davide Squillace and Kolombo. Remix wise Uone got his capable hands on Infusion’s track ‘Gotta Leave Me Now’, Shades of Gray’s ‘Midnight Lover’, Solead’s ‘Good bye my old friend’ and the list goes on.
With an attitude that is constantly changing and ever eager to evolve, Uone's music remains on the underground edge. Uone is not that kind of artist who likes to hide behind the mixing-console performing isolated. It’s all about his friendly and extroverted personality always trying to be as close as possible to the crowd while constantly motivated to “rock the house” together.


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LISTED and Public Works coming through with the Pre-Playa warmup fun, a night featuring: NICO STOJAN (Bar 25, Berlin) UOne (Australia) Nikita (Listed) Dan Sherman vs Alex Blackstock Funktion One Sound Free before 10pm, $5 til 11pm with RSVP on facebook page here: https://www.facebook.com/events/270532193071963/?ref=3# Last Year with M.A.N.D.Y (Get Physical) and Dejan (Cityfox) was amazing! More info and details coming soon!

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