Zach and the Outside Eyes

Zach and the Outside Eyes

Zach Eggleston has been playing in some form or another for the last few years in Philadelphia. The Outside Eyes is the full band manifestation of his new album Love Songs & Other Tragedies which is "a mix of the up and down, the quiet and loud, the fast and slow, the familiar and strange, the distant and near, the alone and togetherness, the gain and loss, the comfort and alienation, and the known and unknown of love."

Chris Kolb

Chris hails from Philly bringing a sound that incorporates folk, funk, and Indie.


Years of friendship, youthful journeys, and passion have lead to the formation of this awe-inspiring duo. With only an acoustic guitar and two drums, Maitland catches your ear with angelic melodies, slow anticipation, and energetic percussion. In February 2013, a year after the formation of the band, the two moved to Philadelphia and have quickly become part of the welcoming music scene.



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