Zach and the Outside Eyes

Zach and the Outside Eyes

Zach Eggleston has been playing in some form or another for the last few years in Philadelphia. The Outside Eyes is the full band manifestation of his new album Love Songs & Other Tragedies which is "a mix of the up and down, the quiet and loud, the fast and slow, the familiar and strange, the distant and near, the alone and togetherness, the gain and loss, the comfort and alienation, and the known and unknown of love."

Chris Kolb

Chris hails from Philly bringing a sound that incorporates folk, funk, and Indie.


Years of brotherhood, self-proclaimed and genetic, have created the Indie/folk/rock band Maitland. Pulling influences from Bon Iver, Fleet Foxes, and woodsy expeditions, Maitland has transformed from a minimalist folk duo into a rock quartet. With the release of the band’s first album, “(from a cabin in the woods),” Josh Hines (vocals/guitar/songwriter), toured subway systems in the North East cities like Boston, Philadelphia, New York, etc. Once it was time to make more noise, Josh Hines invited his brother, Alex Hines (bass/vocals), Evan Moffitt (guitar), and Adam Shumski (drums) to the stage. Capitalizing on the versatility of the folk iterations, Maitland’s live performances express backwoods rustic elements paired with driving percussion and unforgettable melodies. Evan Moffitt creates a comfortable blanket of atmosphere to lay over Maitland’s three part harmonies, haunting falsettos, and dynamic percussion.



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