"I think that Iʼve watched the best night of burlesque and entertainment ever" — Allison Henthorn, Kansas City Examiner

Super Happy Funtime Burlesque is a Michigan based troupe that defies explanation. Calling itself 'Burlesque' for lack of a better term; SHFB is a genre spanning theatrical rock opera outfit, a sexy and bawdy musical comedy, a mix of Rocky Horror and Saturday Night Live, a night spent on mega doses of Codeine tied to the underside of a roller coaster while a circus monkey roots around in your pants for that missing peanut. SHFB is a nationally touring act, staging on average 175 productions a year, in its big red converted school bus, bringing the word of the new musical experience to America.

Each full length show is led by a scathingly funny and utterly honest emcee, who is afraid to say nothing, backed up by a smoking band. Live music is center stage in SHFB. Where the average burlesque show is a dancer and a DJ spinning his iPod, SHFB is original music played live and a 12 member dance/comedy team in front. Moody shoegazing emo rocker boys scatter and suck their thumbs when the art/rock/prog/jazz/carnival/polka/classical music of SHFB comes pumping through the speakers. People are bored with bands because they have no character, no presence, and their songs are about the same old bullshit. SHFB's songs are played by a costumed orchestra, in your face, and are about things like vaginas that act as portals to other dimensions and battling wizards in the north pole for a taste of a magical cupcake. Add to that insanity beautiful dancing girls and you've got yourself a show, buddy!!

SHFB has had too many notable collaborations and achievements on stage and screen but what's even more impressive than the ego stroking gigs with celebrities is our rabid fan base. How does a 18 member touring show living in a bus manage to tour the country when the music scene is dying and its hard enough to take a 4 piece act on the road? The fans. Through the Kickstarter website, SHFB has raised a staggering $35,000 in up front fan investment for its tours, and that's just what they raised in 2010. SHFB fans are as big of creeps as we are, plus they spend money!!

SHFB has played all over the country, selling out 400+ capacity theaters and bars everywhere from LA and NYC to more off the beaten places like Lubbock ,TX and Sioux Falls, SD. SHFB is foraging a brave new path of a theatrical and musical underground without compare. SHFB is an exciting and alternative form of entertainment that audiences are hungry for. SHFB's thumb is firmly pressed against the 'taint of American culture and represents a new medium in entertainment; not theater, not a band, an entirely nebulous entertainment destination that is a fresh alternative to the plethora of rock bands, circus revivals, and rehashed musicals. SHFB has a 350lb fat man who dances around in a bikini.

Some easily chalk it up as mere entertainment. But, at the end of the show, for every pair of hands that come together as result of being satisfactorily entertained, there is another whose clap is a thank you for provoking liberation of thought; a dissection of convention." -- Drew Storey, The Rapidian

"I think that I've watched the best night of burlesque and entertainment since I've been in the city. There's nothing like it around, and it's a welcome change. "

— Allison Henthorn, Kansas City Examiner

"Super Happy Funtime is a scrumptious hot fudge sundae of smooth danc- ing, swirling hot music and juicy comedy, all sprinkled with strippers. Dig in, but don't be surprised when you bite into some crunchy, controversial issues."

— Katherine Cuningham, South Bend Tribune

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Ghazaal Beledi formed in 2008 to perform at the 2009 Arizona Renaissance Festival in a world music and dance variety show and found that they didn't want to stop there! They have continued to create and perform together throughout the year for everything from pubs and nightclubs to festivals and street fairs.

The music is inspired by both modern and traditional cultural pieces as this plays a very significant role in the choreography and improvisation of the dance pieces. The dancers are trained in a number of styles including Irish, English, Scottish, West African, Bhangra, Rajasthani, Bollywood, Arabic, Cabaret, Egyptian, Tribal, Flamenco, Ballet, Modern, Jazz, Hip Hop, and Breakdance, as well as prop and fire art. They draw from all of these influences in their world fusion style as well as adding in some theatrics and humor for good measure.

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