Denizen, Reiner, Rexford, The Bushwick Hotel, Cornbred, Craig Greenberg


Cousin Dave: Guitar, Lead v0x
Drummer Ben: Drums, Some Lead v0x
Big James: Keyboard
Cousin Pete: Sax
Wilkes: Bass, backup v0x


Rexford is a band that was born in New York City. It's a chunk of Pop that was dipped in Soul and then sprinkled with Indie. With lots of original songs you can be sure of some rexy times.

The Bushwick Hotel

Gregory Ferreira and Friends comprises the collective projects that Greg is part of including The Suitcase Album and The Bushwick Hotel.

The Bushwick Hotel is currently working on an upcoming album.


From the depths of of the hollars of Appalachia, the musicians of Tn congregate in the dirty little river town known as Knoxville. In a town where you can throw a stick and hit 10 musicians on a friday night in the old city, it takes a lot to continue the craft there. Cornbred is a culmination, the residue that's left in the bottom of the bottle of Knoxville's music scene. A collective of serious musicians who have unpretentiously dedicated themselves to the craft of musically taking an audience to a place emotionally, and sometimes intellectually, where the truths of living in modern Appalachia can be experienced, not just commented on.

Craig Greenberg

Craig has been called this generation’s “troubadour piano man” (, Jan 2011), combining the pop sensibilities and greatly skilled musicianship of Billy Joel and Ben Folds, with the lyrical smarts of Randy Newman. His voice brims with soul and personality, coming from his strong native New Yorker identity, and also from his experience getting his start while living abroad, performing in the bars and on the streets of Chile and Spain from 2002 to 2004. Since his return to NY, Craig has been a mainstay on the downtown and Brooklyn music scene, and as well has toured around the US and abroad.

Craig’s songs, in content and feel, run the gamut from light-hearted and tongue and cheek, to quite dark and edgy. It’s his range as a songwriter that sets him apart.

In November of 2007, Craig co-produced and released his debut EP, entitled The World and Back, and in August of 2010 released the follow up, entitled Spinning In Time (BOTH available for purchase on this site). He is currently working on first full length record that he’s planning to release by the end of 2013.


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