Young and in the Way, Woe, Columns, Vorov

Young and in the Way

Formed in the early months of 2009 by four individuals in search of an opening to flee their discontent with the mundane routine of normal life and their past musical endeavors. Young and in the Way found that escape in the form of a small wooden shed on the outskirts of Charlotte, NC

Philadelphia's Woe have been playing their unique brand of miserable, blistering melodic black metal since 2007. After a long live hiatus to prepare the follow-up to 2010's critically acclaimed Candlelight Records release "Quietly, Undramatically," Woe returns to Saint Vitus to premiere new material and revisit old.


Columns formed in 2003 as an instrumental act with Jason Skipper on drums, Jake Wade on bass, and Jake Troth on guitar. The band didn't have a singer because they couldn't find one. In 2004, Adam Cody from the band Glass Casket joined as vocalist. In 2006, they released a 3 song self-titled EP. Shortly after, Jake Troth left the band to go to school. After a short hiatus, John Stone joined and they recorded a 5 song EP in 2008. Stone left in 2009, and the band played a few shows with fill-in guitar player Sam Fleming (Zeus/Exploding Horse) for the next year.

The 7 song album "Just Another Species" was recorded in 2010 with Skipper handling the guitar duties. Michael Lehmann, guitarist from legendary gore-grinders Hemdale, played guest guitar on a couple of the tracks. In 2011, Lehmann joined the band.


hardcore power-violence form Columbia

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