Unlimited Gravity

Unlimited Gravity (Ronnie Weberg) is a multi-talented life-long musician originating from the heart of the contemporary electronic music scene, Denver, Colorado. The Unlimited Gravity sound is best described as an ingenious alchemical hybrid, combining the chaotic energy of crunchy crunk beats with the calculated precision and intensity of a classically trained composer. Setting himself apart from the masses, Ronnie has the unique ability to masterfully create the most marvelous dichotomy of sound within each track. Two dynamically oppositional forces are pitted against each other in a musical battle royale; the result is always a titanic struggle of epic proportions from which only Unlimited Gravity could possibly emerge victorious.
Performing live using completely original productions, Ronnie tramples genre boundaries with an energy that is utterly impossible to replicate. Unlimited Gravity adheres to no laws; he defies physics with his musical feats and is helping to usher in a new era of musicality, creativity and originality in electronic music. As Vice President of the Mile High Sound Movement, one of the most influential artist collective groups from Denver, Unlimited Gravity is changing the face of electronic and bass music industry forever.
Ronnie and the President of The Mile High Sound Movement, Jay Jaramillo (Project Aspect) also have a collaborative project titled "Unlimited Aspect". Unlimited Aspect is an absolutely one of a kind performance, combining the explosive energy of two of Colorado's most talented artists to form a synthesis of face-melting siren-synths and earth-shaking bass-lines, Project Aspect and Unlimited Gravity are unreservedly the best at what they do.

Bass Science

The eve of the apocalypse brings a new era for Bass Science. An electronic production unit whose beats bounce on the cusp of the future, Bass Science creates diverse productions that are lit with innovation and laden with the low end for a fresh and far-reaching musical experience.

Bass Science is Mattb, a prolific producer whose eclectic sound has been
cultivated from a wide range of influences, from his homes in London and Japan to Los Angeles, and many places between. Also the brains behind the record label Made In Glitch, Mattb is a beat pioneer who has made powerful contributions to Japan’s glitch hop scene as well as the global bass music movement. The newest sounds from Bass Science encompass this divergent world, fusing glitch hop, IDM and dub into a heady electronic blend that
illuminates brainwaves and fires the dance floor into action.

From filthy, floor-slapping bangers to fast-hitting funk and deep, dubby mind-benders, Bass Science has won fans worldwide as well as the support of such tastemakers as Mary Anne Hobbs and Annie Nightingale. Touring through Asia, Europe and the U.S. at both large festivals and influential club nights.

Cloud - D

Cloud-d is a self taught grime/lazer bass producer based out of Denver, Colorado. He is a part of dubanimals and the Mile High Sound Movement, two of the most respected music collectives in the Colorado area. As Cloud-d’s popularity in the Colorado bass scene is growing, so is his production quality and live performance.

Although Cloud-d is a new name in the glitch hop scene, he has already succeeded in creating his own individual sound that seems to be developing at a very fast rate that keeps you interested. Cloud-d is a producer you want to keep your ear on as time progresses.

Kruza Kid

Staying true to the mile high state of mind, Kruza Kid delivers a fresh new flavor to the burgeoning hip-hop movement that is taking over the country. Seamlessly integrating his personal beats with his gritty, tell-it-like-it-is vocals, producer/emcee Kruza Kid, known by those close to him as Zach Karuzas, has rewritten the equation for merging several musical genres into one thumping package. Kruza Kid's energy is the culmination of influences in rap, reggae, dub, jazz, and a dusting of EDM, giving his performance an eclectic flavor in a world full of bland generics. Once the microphone is picked up, prepare yourself for a raw and intimate experience that offers a glimpse into the lifestyle of someone who truly appreciates music in all forms, and wants nothing more than to share that lifestyle with you. Inspired by so many, my boundaries are limitless.

Satoru is a producer and performer from Atlanta, Georgia. Always staying true to musical composition, the sound of Satoru varies from intense melodic synth melodies to rich emotional soundscapes. Satoru enlightens listeners with intricate glitch hop beats & heavy bass drops. He is currently residing in Denver, Colorado and world heavily on his forth coming releases.

Satoru has shared the stage with PANTyRAID, Baauer, ill.Gates, GRiZ, Archnemisis, MartyParty, Zoogma, Mochipet, Wick-it the Instigator, ill-esha, D.V.S.* & Butch Clancy .

Plus notable performances at Magnetic Music Festival, Bear Creek Music & Arts Festival, Impulse Music & Arts Festival, Purple Hatters Ball, & Suwannee Disc Jam #5.


Damnesia-Vu ascended from the small planet Gorbatrogia of the 14th Nebulan sector. His father raised him in a world of combat training him to fight off player haters with the power of sub-frequency oscillation. Today, he is regarded as one of the greatest Bass warriors to roam this lonley planet, defending the innocent, and fucking shit up!

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